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Gracie Abrams Takes Vulnerability To A New Level In ‘Good Riddance’

Gracie Abrams Takes Vulnerability To A New Level In ‘Good Riddance’

It’s hard to believe this is Gracie Abrams‘ debut album… with two EPs, and a plethora of unreleased tracks constantly going viral on social media, we’re brought the long-awaited… Good Riddance. From the brilliant minds of Aaron Dessner and Gracie, we’ve received one of the most honest, heartwrenching, and all round-reflective albums. Gracie Abrams and Good Riddance are two gifts we receive with open arms.

Last night, I spiraled alone in the kitchen / Making pretend that the furniture listened / Wasn’t the best of my mental conditions, but I tried / Thinkin’ of you without any forgiveness

The innate honesty within Gracie’s songwriting is what makes her music so incredibly special – it’s rare to see artists taking the blame for heartache. Still, while recording at Long Pond Studios, Gracie doesn’t shy away from the truth, specifically in this album; she, in a sense… welcomes it.

Stream the album here.

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When you hear people talking about Gracie Abrams, it’s about more than just her voice. It’s her passion for what she does. Every song on this album proves again and again that Gracie loves what she does. She puts her heart into every lyric and every piano key; you can tell she’s giving it her all. It’s one of the things we here at The Honey POP admire most about her. 

I can’t promise you’ll like it / I know I changed overnight / So I can’t blame you for fighting / And I’d be losing my mind / If you lived in your writing

With every new release, we fall more and more in love with Gracie and her music, and this album sent us into overdrive. She has this gift to make everyone who listens to her music feel it. It’s one thing to create music, but it’s another thing to bring her audience into each flowing step. We’re absolutely enamored by the way she can draw you in from the first note and keep you there until the song ends.

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To be seen and heard without actually saying a word, fans can see themselves in her music, see how they aren’t alone in their heartbreak or confusion, and they’re able to work through these emotions soundtracked to the angelic melody of Gracie Abrams.

Used to lie to your face / Twenty times in a day / It was my little strange addiction / But you still tried to stay

If her devastating choice of words doesn’t tug on your heartstrings, the way in which she doesn’t hide the emotions pushing through her vocals will. With voice cracks and shakey breaths, Good Riddance is an experience through Gracie’s mind and heart. We think we’ll be grateful forever for this album.

Not only are we gifted with Good Riddance but also a music video for the second track, ‘I know it won’t work,’ the two contrasting themes of Gracie in a light and bright field accompanied by a horse to the dark, cold looking walk across the beach and through the break of the ocean. Everything about Gracie’s visuals is done with intent; this video doesn’t stray from that.

Good Riddance is a journey through not only Gracie’s personal reflection of herself but her confidence within that reflection causes you to look within yourself and question your past reactions and the way you’ve treated people, not in a negative way but in a way for your conscience to move forward, for you to move forward.

I’m so tired, but can’t sit down / What if this is it for now? / Think I’m more alive somehow / I feel like myself right now

Gracie herself has made a point for listeners to listen in order, from start to finish, and we have to say… it’s a must. From tracks 1 to 12, these are songs that need to be heard by anyone experiencing life… at any age, any time period; this is truly a transformative 50 minutes.

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Image Source: Danielle Neu

This album flows so beautifully, and from the first line to the last, we were hanging on to every single line. The feeling of absolute euphoria that flowed through everyone here at The Honey POP was insane. Of course, there were many tears shed, and we’re sure that was Gracie’s plan all along. 

She wanted us to truly understand the journey of this album, and we did. There is not a song on this album that doesn’t tell a story. It’s beautiful and graceful, just like Gracie Abrams herself. We have a feeling that this album is going to change lives, and we’re excited to see it. This album is utterly breathtaking in every form of the word. 

Be sure to catch Gracie opening for Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour this year and on her own headline tour next month across North America and across Europe later in the year. Grab your tickets here!

Have you heard the album yet? What is your favorite single? What was your favorite song on the album as a whole? Are you excited for more Gracie content to come? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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