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Lucy’s INSERT COIN is ‘Unbelievable’

Lucy’s INSERT COIN is ‘Unbelievable’

Lucy continue to blow us away with every single release. They keep putting out the best music out there, reinventing themselves, and experimenting, and their releases never miss. Lucy’s discography is filled with nothing but masterpieces, and their new release, INSERT COIN, with the title track ‘Unbelievable,’ just may have done it even better.

If you don’t listen to Lucy yet, we cannot stress enough how you definitely should, and INSERT COIN is a great start!


This new title track is everything we love about Lucy as a band. Their last two title tracks, ‘Rolling Rolling’ and ‘PLAY,’ were more focused on nostalgia and emotional melodies. While we love that from them, and no one does it quite like them, their fun side is also something we truly cherish. ‘Unbelievable’ is exactly that, leaning more on the fun side of Lucy’s discography. It’s bright, energetic, and has that signature Lucy sound with upbeat melodies, great melodies, and a violin to put everything together. While ‘Unbelievable’ can be extremely fun, it is also very comforting. And the music video makes the song even more fun and exciting as they roleplay into several different video games. Everything about ‘Unbelievable’ is simply lovely and so much fun. Lucy are always here to brighten our days.


As good as ‘Unbelievable’ can be, the stars of the show are most probably the b-sides. Something that is extra special about this release is that it was produced by the band itself, along with other producers. Of course, the band has always been part of the creation of their songs, but this time, INSERT COIN is truly a Lucy release produced by Lucy. In other words, INSERT COIN is the most Lucy release yet!

‘Tied Up’ fits the concept perfectly. This track is just as uplifting and bright as the title track, and even more fun. Something that makes it even more special, however, is the incorporation of video game music and sound effects. It’s truly a genius production, and makes it stand out in Lucy’s discography.

With ‘Never In Vain’ and ‘Fill It Up,’ the band experimented more, and the results were simply out of this world. ‘Never In Vain’ is Lucy’s first song fully in English, but that’s far from being the only thing that makes it special. This is a song truly only Lucy could do – the amazing build-up in the chorus leads to an instrumental drop that is just incredible. It’s so impactful and magical. ‘Never In Vain’ is truly a powerful song with its bass, violin, strong vocals, and everything about it. It may be one of their best songs – just like ‘Fill It Up.’ The closing track is the perfect example of how Lucy mixes rock with violins in the most perfect and unique way. While the drop after the chorus is insane, nothing can prepare you for the hit that is the instrumental outro.

Something about Lucy’s music makes us glad to be here to hear it and see how far they go as a band and as artists. These guys are geniuses and they prove with every single release that they’re one-of-a-kind. Everyone needs Lucy’s music in their life!

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