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Here’s Every Song aespa Performed At Their SYNK : HYPER LINE Concert

Here’s Every Song aespa Performed At Their SYNK : HYPER LINE Concert

Time and time again, aespa have proven themselves as some of the leading girls of the K-Pop scene, so it might come as a surprise that they just had their first concert! SYNK : HYPER LINE saw the group taking on Seoul’s iconic Jamsil Arena for two nights full of incredible music and jaw-dropping choreo. They also teased quite a few unreleased works – some we know the names of, some we just have guesses for, making us more excited than ever for their upcoming full-length album!

Let’s recap what were certainly two of the most exciting nights of their career so far and take a look at what songs Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning performed! Here’s what we gathered on aespa’s SYNK : HYPER LINE setlist.


The girls always crush it when they perform ‘Girls,’ but this version might just be our favorite. Not only was the energy unparalleled, but Winter even played electric guitar for part of the song! We already knew aespa are all aces, but SYNK : HYPER LINE gave us even more proof from the very first part of the setlist.


Not gonna lie, ‘aenergy’ is definitely one of our favorite aespa songs to hear live! It blew us away as the opener of the girls’ Coachella set last year, and we weren’t sure if this or ‘Girls’ would be the SYNK : HYPER LINE opener, so we’re happy that we heard them back-to-back. The aenergy is incomparable!


Were we prepared to hear “I know your sacrifices, my Naevis, we love you” so soon after we got the SMCU episode where Naevis sacrifices herself to help aespa defeat Black Mamba? Nope, but this live version of ‘Savage’ healed us right after breaking us with that line! The SYNK : HYPER LINE version had a new dance outro that’s definitely gonna live in our minds rent-free for the foreseeable future.

‘I’ll Make You Cry’

We were ready to cry over the fact that we’d never heard ‘I’ll Make You Cry’ live, but then the girls surprised us and brought it to life on the SYNK : HYPER LINE stage! They delivered such a fierce performance, and they even faced different areas of the crowd while dancing so MYs could feel closer to them.

Karina Solo: ‘Menagerie’

Finally, we’ve been blessed with solo stages from each of the aespa girls! The first solo we got to hear was Karina’s, which beckons, “welcome to my menagerie,” over a slick pop beat that reminds us of Little Mix’s ‘Joan Of Arc.’ From her rich rapping skills to the confident choreography, she had our jaws dropping every moment and we still can’t get enough. We also loved how she incorporated the screen behind her, punching it as shattered glass popped up and even dancing with ae-Karina.

It means “zoo.” In fact, I participated in the lyrics. It’s about Hallucination Quest. You know what that is, right? Just like a zoo is crowded with animals, a lot of bad things are around us. I wrote it with such feeling.

Karina at SYNK : HYPER LINE, via @itnw0628 on Twitter


“Follow me, come and get” another performance of one of aespa’s most iconic songs! Ever since the girls dropped ‘Illusion’ as a pre-release single for their Girls mini-album, it’s been a fan-favorite track… as it should be. For this performance, the aes joined the girls on the screens behind them to dance along, tying into the concert name of HYPER LINE!

So, what is HYPER LINE? First, we meet ae members online. And we meet you guys, MY, offline. HYPER LINE is the place we aespa meet ae and MY, all three of us together.

Karina at SYNK : HYPER LINE, via @itnw0628 on Twitter

‘Lucid Dream’

We’ve heard ‘Lucid Dream’ live before thanks to aespa’s fan meetings, but this is notably the first time we’ve seen the choreography! They were sitting down during previous performances, so we’re ecstatic to see a full performance of one of our fave b-sides. Don’t feed us to Black Mamba for this pun, but it was downright dreamy.


Flashback to a few days ago, we heard the first bits of ‘Thirsty’ thanks to an Instagram live Winter hosted during an aespa dance practice. And we know it’s literally February, but we’re also sure this will be one of our Songs Of The Summer! It’s such a smooth blend of pop and R&B that’s bound to get you dancing in your seat.

‘Dreams Come True’

Our dreams of seeing ‘Dreams Come True’ on the SYNK : HYPER LINE setlist came true! There’s just something about this S.E.S. cover that really hits different, and the way they changed up their dance placements during the chorus to get closer to fans was so cute.

Winter Solo: ‘Shape Of My Mouth’

As much as we love aespa’s energetic, more hyped-up songs, we always have a soft spot for their more mellow moments! That’s exactly what we got for Winter’s special solo stage, which delivered a gentle piano ballad called ‘Shape Of My Mouth.’ Simply put, her vocals were absolutely heavenly, and the lack of choreo let her voice and the song take the spotlight in such a beautiful way. If we get a Winter solo album one day, we want it to sound like this!

‘Life’s Too Short’

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, ‘Life’s Too Short’ will either boost it or keep you in a good headspace! Especially if you watch a performance as lively as the one aespa gave us here. Something about hearing them sing about shrugging off hate while surrounded by MYs in an arena… we’re not crying, there’s just something in our eye.

‘I’m Unhappy’

Hearing the girls sing lyrics like “I have trouble healing” kind of broke us, but we have a feeling this unreleased song will become an anthem for MYs during hard times! It’s the perfect balance between sad and boppy to lift your spirits. Feeling unhappy? Not on aespa’s watch!

It’s one of our favorite b-side tracks on the album to be released later. We love the song!

Karina at SYNK : HYPER LINE, via @itnw0628 on Twitter

‘Don’t Blink’

As evidenced by our love for the ‘Girls’ performance with Winter shredding some notes, we adore any aespa songs with guitars! So the moment we heard that guitar in the beginning of ‘Don’t Blink,’ we were already sold. We’ll be not-so-patiently waiting for its proper release, and we may or may not just be listening to this performance on repeat until then.

Next song is the one you might not know… It’s called ‘Don’t Blink.’ This is the song about us tempting you.

Karina at SYNK : HYPER LINE, via @itnw0628 on Twitter


We’ve been so excited for the live debut of ‘Lingo’ ever since we first heard it, and we finally got that at SYNK : HYPERLINE! This playful performance is everything we could’ve hoped for, and the choreo was absolutely adorable. Would it be too late to turn it into a ‘Lingo’ TikTok dance challenge??

Giselle Solo: ‘2HOT4U’

From making her high school yearbook quote “that’s hot,” to singing “too hot” on ‘aenergy,’ to even getting a fanmade “GISELLE YOU’RE SO HOT” airplane banner during Coachella, Giselle is really one of the Hot Girls of the K-Pop industry. Megan Thee Stallion would be proud! And she was back at it for her solo stage, when she performed a song called ‘2HOT4U.’ This fierce, hip-hop-inspired track matched her energy so well and we’re enamored with it.

How was it? “Too hot for you…” The song is one I participated in composing.

Giselle at SYNK : HYPER LINE, via @itnw0628 on Twitter


Can you believe that SYNK : HYPER LINE marked the first time we heard this iconic song live? We can’t, but we’re so grateful that we finally did! This performance is just as bubbly and electrifying as we could’ve hoped for, especially with such a fun backdrop.

‘Hot Air Balloon’ + ‘YEPPI YEPPI’

We always love seeing ‘YEPPI YEPPI’ live, but add in an unreleased song and adorable mascots behind aespa and we’re hooked. The cheerful energy will rub right off on you, and we can’t believe we get another Giselle “so hot, so hot” lyric on ‘Hot Air Balloon’ after already getting ‘2Hot4U’ earlier in the show. The girls blessed us! One question though, if we get a giant carrot costume, could we meet and work with the girls?!


They already told us that ‘Life’s Too Short’ for negativity, now they’re reminding us that we only live once with ‘YOLO!’ This unreleased song is a bop and half, and we love that aespa danced around with their lightsticks while performing it. It made for such a fun dance-along moment with MYs in the crowd!

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Ningning Solo: ‘Wake Up’

The final solo stage of the show was our maknae, Ningning, who proved she’s Main Pop Girl material with an amazing combination of pop, R&B, and hip-hop influences. Her vocals were on fire as usual, her stage presence was electrifying, and every moment of the choreo was absolutely mesmerizing! No doubt we’ll have this video on repeat for the foreseeable future. We could totally see this song as a Savage b-side!

I got one thing to tell you. For ‘Wake Up,’ I had to practice twerking. I was worried fans would be shocked, I asked [a teacher] to remove it, but [they] said I can do it. So I practiced twerking only at the practice room.

Ningning at SYNK : HYPER LINE, via @itnw0628 on Twitter

‘Salty & Sweet’ 

We got a little sneak peek of ‘Salty & Sweet’ with a dance practice video while the girls were preparing for the concert! And since then, it’s become even more clear that we need an official release of this song soon. It shows off aespa’s duality so well and we have our fingers crossed that we’ll get a music video for it one day.

It seems MY and us have similar music taste. Songs we have spoiled are the ones we like, and every time we do, you guys love it.

Winter at SYNK : HYPER LINE, via @itnw0628 on Twitter

‘Next Level’

‘Next Level’ was one of the songs we were hoping to hear on the SYNK : HYPER LINE stage, and we were stoked to find out it made the setlist! There’s a reason it’s one of aespa’s most well-known songs, after all. Between the switch-ups and the effortless confidence, there’s nothing we don’t love about this track.

‘Black Mamba’

We never knew we needed ‘Black Mamba’ live with fireworks, strings, and chic black and silver outfits until we got it! And now, we can never live without it. The energy is undeniable and we’ll never get tired of hearing aespa perform their debut song.

‘Till We Meet Again’

Till we meet aespa again, whether it’s with a comeback or another concert, we’ll have ‘Till We Meet Again’ on repeat! This song is simply magical and the girls really delivered some of their best vocals with this performance. It feels like the end of a coming-of-age movie when the protagonist is stepping into a new life and leaving their old one behind for what may or may not be the better.

I already became emotional during that song.

Ningning at SYNK : HYPER LINE, via @itnw0628 on Twitter


On Day 2 of SYNK : HYPER LINE, aespa sang the wintery masterpiece that is ‘Forever!’ Their vocals sounded as beautiful as ever, and it felt so special to revisit the second song we ever heard from them. They just sound better and better the more they sing this!


The final song of the show was ‘ICU,’ the acoustic-centered, fairylike song we’ve known and loved since hearing the Girls album for the first time last summer! Every performance we’ve gotten of this song has been simply magical, and the SYNK : HYPER LINE version was no different. Plus, a fan sing-along culminated in one of the cutest aespa moments of all time, with Winter leaning on Giselle’s shoulder while Karina and Ningning got teary-eyed.

I didn’t know I would cry during the concert.

Winter at SYNK : HYPER LINE, via @itnw0628 on Twitter

What do you think of aespa’s SYNK HYPER : LINE setlist? Are you hoping to hear the studio versions of the unreleased songs soon? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more aespa content while we wait for their official comeback, click here.


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