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Counting Down Our 5 Favorite Halsey Lyrics

Counting Down Our 5 Favorite Halsey Lyrics

Halsey is someone who has been on top of their lyric game since the beginning when their Room 93 EP was officially released. Even now, years later with the release of ‘Die 4 Me,’ she has proved that her lyrics can go unmatched. It’s hard to try and narrow down our favorite lyrics she has written over the years, but we finally managed to narrow it down.

5. “You can’t love nothin’ unless there’s somethin’ in it for you” From ‘You should be sad’

Their song ‘You should be sad’ from the album Manic is one that we had on repeat after it was released. This lyric though is one that hit us right in our feelings as there was something that we were able to relate to. So many of us, Halsey fans or not, have that person we have this sentiment about. For it to be finally articulated, especially in the way they did, was something we needed.

4. “Does it ever get lonely / Thinking you could live without me” From ‘Without Me’

This line is haunting and absolutely heart-wrenching when we hear how they sing it. That being said, this lyric gets stuck in our heads in the most random parts of the day. We can listen to the song once but then will find ourselves humming this for the rest of the day. It’s something we can find ourselves wondering after a breakup, if our exes miss us or how we will go on, but Halsey put a much more self-empowered sentiment to the thought. Why should we worry if we can live without our ex when instead they should worry about how they can live without us?

3. “I’m meaner than my demons” From ‘Control’

The song ‘Control’ is off of her Badlands album, which really put the singer on the map for many. This lyric is one that was held close to many fans’ hearts during the era and after. Many have gotten tattoos of the line or are inspired by the line. It can mean many things, but there is a popular interpretation that the demons allude to mental illnesses. Being meaner than your demons is a way of saying you will fight them off. This may not be the intention that Halsey had when they wrote the lyric, but the idea brings comfort to many.

2.  “I got no one to smile for, I waited a while for / A moment to say I don’t owe you a goddamn thing” From ‘Nightmare’

This song is amazing in general. This specific lyric, though comes after a line about someone telling her to smile in a very demanding way. The lyric is so powerful, and when they were performing it on tour the energy of the crowd screaming “I don’t owe you a goddamn thing” was infectious. Everybody can relate to it as well. We all have an entity in our life to which we don’t owe anything and sometimes we just want to scream this at them. That is what earns this lyric our number-two slot.

1. “I sold forty million copies of our break-up note” From ‘Die 4 Me’

This line (and the entire 2nd verse) is from Halsey’s original verse on ‘Die for Me’ by Post Malone. The reception of that one verse helped it grow into the song ‘Die 4 Me’ which was just recently released. The original verse she had was already iconic and one we loved scream-singing along to. When the lyric changed from “I sold fifteen million copies of our break-up note” on the Post Malone song to “I sold forty million copies of our break-up note” on Halsey’s own version we knew that they are an icon and a force to be reckoned with.

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So those were our personal top five Halsey lyrics through the years, but now we are curious. Did your favorites make the cut? Were there ones you thought we missed? Let us know by tweeting us on our Twitter or commenting on our Instagram.


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