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There Will Be ‘No Bad Days’ Ahead! Macklemore’s Album BEN Is Here!

There Will Be ‘No Bad Days’ Ahead! Macklemore’s Album BEN Is Here!

A brand new studio album by Macklemore? Yes! We’ve been waiting for this one, and it’s finally here! BEN is Macklemore’s third studio album, and it arrives alongside his newest single ‘No Bad Days.’ There’s also a music video for that. Macklemore has spoiled us!

The new album consists of fifteen tracks and collaborations with artists such as Tones and I, Collett, and charlieonnafriday. We’ve already listened to the album at least three or four times and can confirm it’s a no-skip situation. Every single song is a banger!

The newest single, ‘No Bad Days,’ released alongside the album, is especially one that we’ll have on repeat. We can already see ourselves with our sunglasses on in the car, blasting this song on a sunny day while cruising through the city and beyond.

And you want to know the best thing about the accompanying music video? His seven-year-old daughter Sloane directed it! It’s a true family affair, and we cannot get enough of it. When discussing the music video, Macklemore states, “Sloane has had a creative pulse since I can remember. Her style, her eye, her freestyles, her melodies. Outside of her mom, I probably trust her creative input more than anyone else.”

This one will be one of my favorite videos forever. I hope it makes you smile.


It did make us smile, and we promise it’ll make you smile too. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a father and daughter working together. Our hearts are so full!

Macklemore Always Wanted An Album Called BEN

BEN is Macklemore’s third studio album. When talking about the album, he expressed that he always wanted a self-titled album. “There’s something about a self-titled record. It has an air of voyeurism. I’m letting people in, but in a way that I hadn’t felt 100% comfortable about allowing before. I am now though.”

The album was born from a moment of reflection and introspection in 2020. It was brought to life by Macklemore with the help of collaborators such as Budo, Tyler Dox, and Experience. The content across the songs paints perfect pictures thanks to Macklemore’s lyrical prowess. There’s a story to hear in every single song.

It’s hard to list favorites. All of the songs are amazing! However, we wanted to recommend a few from the album to give you a taster!


This song is such a strong start to the album and a fan favorite. You can really feel the emotion from both Macklemore and Tones and I. They complement each other wonderfully. We’re addicted to this one!

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Another one that could easily find a home in your playlists. Macklemore and Sarah Barthel of Phantogram truly explore mortality in this song. We love it!


Macklemore tells his story in this song, and it’s truly one to get your head nodding along. ‘HEROES’ was a single released in January of this year and features DJ Premier, one of Macklemore’s favorite producers. Talking about DJ Premier, Macklemore said, “He had a massive influence on me as an artist and as a person. You know it’s him right away.”

These are just three out of fifteen of the immense tracks from BEN. Think of these three songs as little appetizers of the polished studio album to get you pumped to listen to the rest!

What’s your favorite song from the album? Did the ‘No Bad Days’ music video warm your heart too? Let us know by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.


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