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4 Things We Hope For From Jimin’s Solo Debut With FACE.

4 Things We Hope For From Jimin’s Solo Debut With FACE.

Let’s face it – we are weeks away from one of the most anticipated releases of the month, if not the year. Of course, we are talking about Jimin’s upcoming solo album FACE. Since we saw the notification on Weverse on February 21st, we have been counting down the days until release day.

Although, if you’re anything like us and can’t wait until March 24th, Jimin has us covered. ARMY can expect a pre-release of the song ‘Set Me Free Pt2’ which is set to release on March 17th. And it doesn’t stop there! We have also been given a short video that introduced behind-the-scenes footage of the recording process of FACE. Park Jimin is just the gift that keeps on giving! Within this clip, we can hear a mixture of ethereal melodies paired with cozy tunes and a few undertones of jazz influences. What we understood in black and white was how raw and unfiltered this new album will be.

So it got us thinking … what do we hope to see and hear from Jimin’s solo debut?


Before delving into what’s to come, we can’t forget Jimin’s previous masterpieces. As dedicated members of ARMY, we at The Honey POP! have been preparing for the release of Jimin’s solo album FACE by listening to his past projects. Jimin’s first non-album song ‘Promise’ was released in 2018 on the official BTS Soundcloud account. Composed by Jimin himself, the song introduces his stand-alone artistic style. The global success of ‘Promise’ did not fall short either. The track quickly became the first song to have over 300 Million streams on the platform. This is just the beginning of Jimin’s solo success.

His most recent work is a feature on Taeyang of Big Bang’s song ‘VIBE.’ Appearing as a vocalist and a composer on the credits of the track, Jimin’s smooth tone introduces great harmonies to the groovy pop song duet.

Jimin also has a few solo tracks scattered among the BTS discography. From ‘Serendipity’ featuring on the Love Yourself album series to ‘Lie,’ which you can find on ‘Wings,’ these are fan favorites. His previous solo tracks embedded within past BTS albums introduce us to the nuances in Jimin’s voice, particularly ‘Serendipity.’ Additionally, we hear the impressive range Jimin has to offer as a lead vocalist in his song ‘Lie.’

Based on previous projects and clues in the release news, we have an idea of four things we hope for from Jimin’s upcoming album FACE.


The album FACE will introduce six tracks; the opener ‘Face-Off,’ is followed by ‘Interlude:dive,’ ‘Like Crazy,’ ‘Alone,’ ‘Set Me Free Pt2’ and finally, an English version of ‘Like Crazy.’ The track list suggests we are about to experience a journey similar to what Jimin is re-accounting with his music. The album is described to be a story where Jimin is fronting his true self and we are prepared to see his leap into further success as an artist. From the writing present on the album cover we understand Jimin will be exploring his resolution against unconscious emotions.

From these accounts, we are expecting to hear an unfiltered truth of reality through the lyrics. Perhaps we will be experiencing less pop-flavored sugar coating and more mellow discoveries. We hope to see hopeful lyrics but also an insight into genuine feelings artists, who are above all human, experience. We believe the lyrics to the upcoming songs will feature stand-alone quotes that resonate with us all and can act as future captions for our Instagram posts.


Whilst FACE features no official collaborations, the production and songwriting lineup is fiercely strong. We recognize names from producers such as Pody, GHSTLOOP, BLVSH, Chris James, Evan, and Supreme Boi. Looking closer we even spot bandmate RM who features as a co-writer on three tracks. So what are we expecting to hear? To be honest, anthem after anthem, but reverse the stereotype of how we imagine an anthem should sound. We know Jimin has a delicate and light tone to his voice. We would love to hear timeless instruments like violins and delicate melodies on a piano to contribute to the sophisticated sound Jimin is great at creating. Timeless music is exactly what we are anticipating! We would also like to hear a few classic pop tracks, maybe with hints of faster-paced rapping from Jimin to fuel our carpool karaoke moments.

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When we think of Park Jimin, apart from his spectacular vocal ability, we also have to recognize how he is one of the most modern faces of dance. BTS are known for their eye-catching choreography where Jimin often stars as a center. We hope that the album FACE gives us more of these moments but with a greater focus on Jimin’s individuality. We would love to see softer styles of contemporary dance for tracks such as ‘Alone’ or ‘Set Me Free Pt2.’ However, we also want to see strong movements with catchy killing parts that we can attempt to recreate at home for songs such as ‘Face Off’ or ‘Drive Me Crazy.’


One thing about the K-Pop industry is its exceptional talent for pairing breathtaking visuals to complement the music. The visual clues so far lend themselves to an air of sophistication which is exactly how we see this new era for Jimin. We know FACE will give us high-class vocals, high-class lyrics, high-class choreography, and a high-class story. The metallic tones released for the album art highlight this pathway.

In terms of music videos, we hope to see a more vulnerable side of Jimin. Whether that means a stripped-back video or some acting on his behalf, we hope to see his story unfold in front of our eyes and in our ears. Looking at his past projects, we can see a mix of surrealist and soft visuals. We know Jimin has the potential for various art styles and would love to see a few different music videos across the various tracks.

What do you hope to see from Jimin’s solo album FACE? Let us know @thehoneypop on Twitter.


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