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Eric Nam Is Taking Us There And Back Again With His Reimagined Album!

Eric Nam Is Taking Us There And Back Again With His Reimagined Album!

You’ve had 10 years to be part of Nam Nation, and if you’re not already, take this as your sign! This week, Eric Nam marked a decade in music by gifting fans a reimagined release of the album There And Back Again.

When we say Eric is multi-talented, we mean it. Between music, performing, being an entrepreneur, and now acting (more on that later), we’re exhausted just thinking about how much hard work he puts into his art! You may know Eric from his musical career, which began in 2013 with the release of his first EP, Cloud 9. Alternatively, you may watch him interview your favorite idols on Dive Studios. Perhaps his mental health and wellness platform, Mindset, is where you were first introduced to him. Either way, being part of Nam Nation will never leave you dry of content.

Reimagining The There And Back Again Album

The success of the original release in 2022 saw the There And Back Again album soar to number 3 on the US Spotify charts. Additionally, Eric Nam has officially surpassed 1 billion global streams, which is not surprising given his secure presence in the industry. Last year, Eric headlined an impressive 60-show tour which took place over 54 cities across the globe where he met and performed for fans.

The latest release of There and Back Again (Re-imagined) came without an overwhelming promotional schedule, which uniquely allowed fans to enjoy the new project with no expectations and demonstrates his passion for music. Further, the project was created closely with Docskim, who has worked with artists such as BTS and Epik High. The outcome… the There and Back Again (Re-imagined) album, aka a moving masterpiece!

I think we live in a world now where music is consumed too quickly, and I wanted to give fans a unique listening experience that would deepen their appreciation for the creative process.

Eric Nam

‘Wildfire (Reimagined)’

If you want to know how to truly re-imagine a song, we suggest you listen to ‘Wildfire (Re-imagined).’ We have so much to say!

The reimagined version gave us great pleasure in listening to the lyrics and left us with goosebumps. Particularly, the lyric “good things always take time” resonates with us as we live in such a fast-paced world. This new version gives fans the opportunity to delve deep into the raw emotion behind every line. When we’re not wondering what skincare Eric uses to always look flawless, we’re reveling in his vocal ability.

The cinematic tones of this track are so inviting and contrast the original indie pop tune. Admittedly, the chorus and bridge of the original song are made for the stage, but we haven’t been able to get the reimagined version out of our heads. Again, Eric shows his versatility by presenting ‘Wildfire’ as a fun, dance-worthy track, and reverses it with ‘Wildfire (Reimagined).’

A Reimagined Listen

With an entirely different tone introduced with each song, Eric guides us through his story in a reimagined way that totally amazes us. Looking back, it’s easy to get lost in the power of the original pop songs. However, with There And Back Again (Reimagined), we are calmed and invited to enjoy each song independently.

‘What If (Reimagined)’ is a fun song about a classic overthinker. We felt like we were picked up and placed in Eric’s mind. The opener excites us and has us anticipating each song to come!

And is anyone else crying on the floor listening to ‘Admit (Reimagined)?’ We can see just how much Eric has grown as an independent artist. Although not too dissimilar from the original, the instruments along with Eric’s voice are cleaner and crisp.

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‘I Don’t Know You Anymore (Reimagined)’ is fueled with experimentation. The original song leans more towards a classic pop tune, but Eric reinvents the track to suit anyone’s taste. Following, we are given ‘Lost On Me (Reimagined),’ which is slightly slowed, but the atmosphere remains upbeat. We’re picturing summer on the beach, waves are crashing, and the sun is setting kind of vibes. Importantly, Eric reminds us in the lyrics that “to love someone you have to learn to love yourself.”

Listening to ‘Any Other Way (Reimagined)’ gave us the opportunity to enjoy Eric’s beautiful harmonies. We are always in a happy place when playing this song! Lastly, ‘One Way Lover (Reimagined)’ relaxes us and brings the album to a close. As we listen to this song, we picture ourselves driving down a long road: the sky is clear and the windows are down.

If we had to describe the There And Back Again (Reimagined) album in one word, it would be timeless!

What Nam Nation Can Expect

There And Back Again (Reimagined) is only the beginning of Eric’s 2023 journey. He has so many exciting projects in the works, including the psychological thriller Transplant, which will mark his first acting gig. Eric is also in the studio working on a new album pitched to be released this summer, and we will definitely be tuning in!

What did you think of There And Back Again (Reimagined)? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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