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9 Songs By PVRIS Your Playlist Needs

9 Songs By PVRIS Your Playlist Needs

PVRIS is an alt-pop act formed by Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, also known as Lynn Gunn. Gunn’s music is next level when it comes to dance-pop fusing with the emo genre. Her work is ethereal often, using strings and harps throughout her songs, creating an element of easy listening to her music. Her incredible ear for beats, build-ups, and drops is what keeps us on our toes. Each one of PVRIS’s songs is fantastic and beautifully written in each way. But here are our favorite 9 songs by PVRIS your playlist needs.


If you don’t have ‘Hallucinations’ on your playlist already, it’s a must-need for any upbeat, fun, party playlist. The song consists of a consistent beat in the background, with slow gradual builds from the first verse to the pre-chorus. And when the chorus hits, the beat drops, and we’re transported into a head and hip-swaying world. The chorus is full of different harmonies, and a rather funky bass line, which is a particular highlight of this song. We cannot tell you the number of times we’ve daydreamed about swaying our head to this song at a club, but in slow motion, like we’re in a movie. Very much main character energy to this song. 10/10 recommend.


While ‘Nightmare’ isn’t featured on an album, rather the Hallucinations EP that came out before PVRIS’s 2020 release, Use Me, deserves all of the attention. The funky synth throughout the song keeps your head bobbing. And the catchy pre-chorus is a bit of an earworm, the lyrics illustrating an unhealthy relationship and the somewhat… petty emotions that can overcome us when it ends. And the shouting in the bridge – yeah, we felt that. Recommended for angsty/angry playlists.

‘What’s Wrong’

Another main character song, off of PVRIS’s second studio album, All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell, “What’s Wrong,” captures the moodier side of PVRIS. The tone of the song is darker, the bass a little deeper than usual, and the lyrics even more so, “Take the mirror from the wall so I can’t see myself at all / Don’t wanna see another damn inch of my skull.” The synth is meticulously under the immediate surface but keeps the momentum of the song without fail. And the second verse – the flow that Gunn picks up – beautiful.

‘Walk Alone’

The beginning of ‘Walk Alone’ is misleading – it seems as if it’ll be a sad ballad, something Gunn dabbles in from time to time. But, by the chorus, we’re left sitting, thinking, is this the same song? Oh yeah, it is. And it works. The drums that begin to kick in the pre-chorus are beautiful, and the horns coming in and the drop in the second half of the chorus is absolutely chilling. The harps close out the chorus in an ominous way. Recommended for the playlists where you’re not sad, but you’re not too happy either. Oh! And good for those angsty relationship playlists.


‘Winter’ has a very special place in TheHoneyPop’s heart. The beautiful, low tone of Gunn’s vocals and the haunting lyrics gives us chills. PVRIS’s typical, upbeat dance chorus shines brightly in this song. And the metaphor of winter and cold love is one that just hits home. Gunn’s high notes and backing vocals work perfectly throughout the song, and when the instrumentals fade, with a small synth track in the background, Gunn’s voice a near whisper, and the drums picking up – all we can say is wow.


Walking around town in your Docs and feeling particularly like that girl, ‘GODDESS‘ is a song to blare in your headphones. It’s on the grungier side of PVRIS’s discography and uses more electronic influences, but the same roaring bass line is what keeps the song danceable and fun. The chorus is a great example of pop choruses – catchy, upbeat. The lyrics, well… Gunn writes, ‘I been iconic since I started’ – and yes, she has been iconic since the moment she founded PVRIS.

‘My Way’

One of PVRIS’s funkier tracks, the synth works perfectly for that ‘powerful woman’ vibe. PVRIS’s most recent singles have boasted lyrics of feminism and female empowerment, and this song obviously fits in well. Lynn talks about wanting things and getting them. The riff throughout the song, which sits by itself in the bridge of the song, is so fun. Recommended for the same kind of playlists as ‘GODDESS’ and ‘Nightmare.’

‘Thank You (feat. RAYE)’

We all have that one ex that just… really messed with our heads. And Gunn captures that perfectly in ‘Thank You.’ She writes, “You never loved me / You loved me losing my mind,” and we think we can all relate to that a little too hard. The riff is similar to ‘My Way,’ driving the song the entire time, and is fun and boppable. And who doesn’t love a good bop? RAYE’s verse in this song seals the deal as one of our favorite PVRIS songs.

‘Things Are Better – Alt Version’

Specifically, the alt version. ‘Things Are Better’ is on the Hallucinations EP, but it’s a sad, piano ballad. This version? Well, this is the version that you break out when you’re particularly emotional (maybe even a little heated) and heartbroken, but you just want the universe to know that, despite everything, things are better. The funky bassline is a PVRIS specialty, and the distorted half-time breakdown is perfection. We recommend it for those days when you feel like you can conquer the world, no matter what life has thrown your way. It’s a song of catharsis. So, in the wise words of Terry Jeffords, “ca-thart your heart out.”

Didn’t see your favorite PVRIS track on here? Let us know your favorite @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter – and feel free to include more than one song ;).


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