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Jimin’s EP, FACE, Is Everything We Could Ever Want And More

Jimin’s EP, FACE, Is Everything We Could Ever Want And More

Due to personal reasons, we will be passing away after being blessed with the work of art that is Jimin’s highly anticipated EP, FACE. The entire album and the significance behind is nothing short of extraordinary. The way Jimin expresses himself through his craft is truly beautiful, and we are glad to be able to witness his growth as an artist who has become more confident and comfortable with who he is. So, to celebrate the release of our beloved Jimin’s FIRST-EVER solo album, we wanted to break down the meaning of each track. 



Similar to ‘Set Me Free Pt.2,’ here Jimin once again shows his intense emotions and anger, which you can hear in his tone of voice. In an effort to forget the one who hurt him, he drinks and says “pour it up, it’s all fu***ing over.” What stood out to us was how he added a snippet of carnival music at the beginning. At carnivals, people tend to have fun and enjoy themselves, and a favorite attraction is usually the hall of mirrors, which is all illusions – this could be a metaphorical way of showing that he was a fool for trusting that person and falling for their facade. 

‘Interlude: Dive’

This track may not have had lyrics, but the music itself sounded magical and enchanting. Given that this entire album is based on Jimin’s different emotions, this could be a glimpse of his feelings when he performs in front of hundreds of fans. Throughout ‘Interlude: Dive’ you can also hear door knocks, dialogue, cheers from the crowd, and footsteps, kind of like a behind the scenes before Jimin gets on and off stage, showing the nervousness, joy, and relief of his day-to-day life as an artist. 

‘Like Crazy’

Once we heard the teaser for this track, we KNEW it was over for us. In ‘Like Crazy,’ Jimin sings about the thrill and excitement of falling in love, which has its highs and lows. Based on the sequence of events in the video and lyrics, we can say it’s another song about heartbreak and trying to numb the pain by partying. With heightened emotions, it can be easy to lose oneself, and if you look carefully, at the beginning of the video someone grabs Jimin’s hand and takes him to a nightclub, but as that happens, the colors change. Then at the end, Jimin slowly starts exiting the nightclub and walks towards a brightly-lit door that takes him back to his kitchen, meaning that everything could have been a dream.  


‘Alone’ is a slow-tempo song that talks about loneliness and dealing with that feeling on your own. It’s about pretending you’re fine when in reality you may be struggling. At the beginning of the song you can also hear an alarm go off, which could symbolize that Jimin may be tired of having to carry that heavy feeling of emptiness each day he wakes up. 

‘Set Me Free Pt.2’

In this song, Jimin shows us a different, darker side of himself, where he not only performs an intense choreography but also showcases his rap skills. This continuation of Agust D’s ‘Interlude: Set me free’ has powerful instrumentals that create an ominous beat used to express Jimin’s strong emotions in wanting to set himself free. If you pay close attention to the video, you can see that Jimin is able to achieve that as he rises up again wearing white clothing instead of the black attire he had. This can be interpreted as him dealing with his inner turmoil and finding peace and acceptance, or as him symbolizing darkness vs. light. 

Hidden Track: ‘Letter’

Last but not least, we have our favorite song from FACE. And no, it’s not because it’s hidden lol, but the fact that it is is really cool. It’s because Jimin instantly captivated us with his angelic, mesmerizing voice. Not only that, but Jungkook made a guest appearance doing backup vocals. We even shed a tear, and you know why? Because ‘Letter’ is a beautiful gift to ARMY and possibly Jimin himself as it has a similar message as ‘Promise.’ If you remember, he originally wrote ‘Promise’ for himself, but it eventually became a song for his fans as well. 

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Jimin is such a kind-hearted, talented artist, and after listening to the entirety of his album, we have grown to love his authenticity even more. 

What was your favorite track of the FACE EP? Let us know @thehoneypop. Want to read more about Jimin and the rest of the BTS icons, click here



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