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RedHook & Yours Truly Unite On Sci-Fi Heartbreak Anthem ‘Imposter’

RedHook & Yours Truly Unite On Sci-Fi Heartbreak Anthem ‘Imposter’


Ugh – we all know the heartache that comes from falling for someone great at wearing many masks. You know, the ex that wore masks that hid their true yellow eyes, venomous actions, slithering and sneaky words, and shed their lies all over. The whiplash of realizing that the person in front of you is not who you thought they were. That feeling is too familiar to RedHook’s Emmy Mack and Yours Truly’s Mikaila Delgado. The heavy music queens from Australia let out their female rage in an empowering break-up anthem, ‘Imposter.’  

The Not-So-Alien Inspiration 

‘Imposter’ is a song that captures the inner turmoil that comes after the truth is revealed. The turmoil of questioning yourself, your mind, and the idea of the person you thought you knew in the relationship.  The song is driven by sci-fi imagery describing the feeling of uncovering an unwanted truth and reality.

Emmy gave details of what inspired the track: 

“There’s no head-fuck quite like discovering that the person you love most, and who you think you know better than anyone else, has been lying to you and manipulating you the entire time. At first, it feels like death, you grieve for the person you loved as if they’ve died, and yet somehow, they still exist.  

Emmy starts the song off with the song with a verse that follows the thinking of discovering the true man behind the curtain. The opening line to the song is jaw-dropping: “Never believed in lizard people / ’til I discovered your scales”. That’s one bold and gut-punching lyric directed to the person who caused the pain.

Listening to the vocals of Mikaila and Emmy you’ll hear them painting images of their pain and bitterness at the beginning of the song. The track feels like a mirror. The mirror you once looked into and saw the picture-perfect image of love, shifting and morphing into a dark, gruesome, and unknown alien. Making you question everything. Is the mirror shattered? Or is reality shattered? Is the mirror shattered because of what the reflection of reality is? 

Emmy and Mikaila want the listener to tap into what they are healing from and what the listener might be healing from and to turn into something that is controllable: themselves. You can control how you respond and cope with an unpleasant experience. You can control how you tell the truth and make it known that the one who caused it turned out to be a body snatcher.

It’s almost as if some kind of evil alien life force has taken up residence inside their body and is walking around wearing their skin. Eventually, it causes you to question your own sanity; you question whether that person who meant so much to you really existed at all.

Emmy Mack

RedHook Beaming Up Yours Truly On The Track

The song wouldn’t be what it is without the mind and heartache from Mikaila added into the mix. 

Emmy said, “This song was already so special to me and one of my absolute favorites off the record. We approached Mikaila to be involved because we love Yours Truly so much and thought her voice would sound amazing on the track. But what I didn’t realize was that she’d actually been going through an eerily similar situation to mine in her own personal life.”  

“We trauma-bonded a lot during the process of putting ‘Imposter’ together and the extra vocal parts and lyrics that Mikaila added still give me goosebumps every time! She took this song to a whole new dimension and I’m so grateful to her for it.”   

Emmy and Mikaila took that trauma bond and created a masterpiece. Adding Mikaila to the track gave the song’s voice its edge and weight. She was the perfect addition to the project. Mikaila enters abruptly and is eager to tell her portion of the tell. Her verse comes in with even more cutthroat emotion and lyrics that indicate that the other person involved was the evil alien all along.

Mikaila’s upper vocal register powering alongside Emmy’s chest voice is spectacular at the end of the song. Saving their power vocals and harmonization till the end of the song was such a girl boss move. It gave the last chorus reprise a total take over putting the queens at the top. The end of the song is so energizing. We are totally putting this song at the top of our list of songs you must scream, shout, and sing with to feel alive.

This is our joint break-up anthem, and we hope it empowers other people who’ve been through similar nightmarish bullshit to stay strong.

Emmy Mack

‘Imposter’ is the song that needs to be on your Get Over Him, You’re Hot And Out Of His League playlist.

Lyrics That Will Make Any Alien, Lizard, Earthling, and Humanoid’s Jaw Drop

Let’s just say that RedHook and Yours Truly, went off when writing this song. These women have given sci-fi writers a run for their money with how they crafted this masterpiece. They are quite convincing that perhaps your ex is really is a Silurian (the lizard aliens from Doctor Who).  

These brilliant lyrics would make anyone get over a heartbreak smirk. The lines are potent with karma that will break any man or woman’s ego. We, of course, are going to share with you a few of our favorite lyrics from the song. We suggest taking note of them for Instagram posts, a tweet or two, or a petty revenge text (but you know, you really shouldn’t text your ex).  

Here are our top 4 lines that felt out of this world. 

  1. “Never believed in lizard people / ’til I discovered your scales” 
  2. “We used to freak / but now you freak me out” 
  3. “Started believing you would have to be from another world / Now every day feels like a twisted dream” 
  4. “I guess hearts change like the weather / (Can’t change your heart if you never had one from the start)” 

You must get fully immersed in this alternative reality and experience. You’re in luck because you can see these lyrics come to life, in a fun, quirky, and science-fiction-inspired music video.

The music video directed by Colin Jeffs, takes inspiration from equally iconic cult sci-fi films such as Species and Jennifer’s Body. Those movies are known for their storylines of women slowly morphing into deranged lizard-like monsters with a taste for a bit of…human flesh. 

Who’s the ‘Imposter’ now? 

Your One-Way Ticket To Red Hook’s Debut Album

‘Imposter’ is the eerie lead single off of the alternative-rock shapeshifting RedHook’s debut album, Postcard From A Living Hell. The album is going to be invading the Earth on April 21st, but before it does, it’s loading its power while on pre-order

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The New Six Boyhood

Postcard From A Living Hell has eight tracks that you can not miss out on. The track list consists of ‘Postcard,’ ‘Jabberwocky,’ ‘Off With Your Head,’ ‘The Critic,’ ‘Imposter’ (Feat. Yours Truly), ‘Soju’ (Feat. Sly Withers), ‘Psyche vs Psyche,’ ‘Low Budget Horror,’ ‘Intervention,’ ‘Inarticulate,’ and ‘SAY.’ We, at THP, are in love with the names of so many of these tracks.

Is it safe to assume that RedHook is going with a twisted movie theme? 

Get Clawed In And Hooked On Your Favorite Mutants: RedHook

Who is RedHook? RedHook is a four member Australian alternative rock band. Emmy Mack is the stunning and talented vocalist. Craig Wilkinson who is shredding up on the guitar. Alex Powys is on the drums and Ned Jankovic is on the bass creating the beat that mesmerizes listeners faster than a pied piper could. Together the band creates relatable music with a unique sound that is a mixture of heavy rock, metal, and alternative rock. Once you hear a RedHook song, trust us, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

Image Source: Brandon Lung

Everything changed once the band released their debut single ‘Minute On Fire’ in 2018. The debut single is everything that is reminiscent of early 2000s alternative rock. Think ‘Bring Me To Life’ by Evanescence. The sharp screaming vocals and rapid rock-styled rap met with a soft power vocal heard is all done by Emmy. This single set themselves up for success.

In 2021 RedHook released their debut EP Bad Decisions. If you need a song that makes you reflect on entering your adulthood, being angry at the world, and coping with growing up – ‘Bad Decisions’ is the song for you bestie.

If you’re looking for another song to head-bang to, ‘Jabberwocky,’ is a perfect play. ‘Jabberwocky’ tells the story about Emmy being a survivor and trying to trick herself into believing it never happened. Releasing ‘Jabberwocky’ last year and now releasing ‘Imposter’ ahead of their album – you can expect Postcard From A Living Hell, to be emotional, vulnerable, and personal.

Now in 2023, the super sick band is finally releasing their long-anticipated debut album, Postcard From A Living Hell. The arrival of their album is not the only thing they have going on this year. They are touring with The Smashing Pumpkins and performing at The World Is A Vampire Festival. Do you think that they will be sparkling like Edward Cullen or a bit more classical, like Dracula? 

After they have sunk their teeth into the festival, RedHook start up their starship and begin their 11-date Australian headline tour in May.

Don’t Make Us ‘SAY’ ‘Off With Your Head’

What are you doing? Go listen to RedHook. Go check them out. You don’t want to be ‘Low Budget Horror’ by not granting your ears the blessing that is RedHook. We promise we aren’t lizard people in disguise who will be your shadow until you listen to them. We promise we aren’t. 

To ensure your safety that we aren’t, let us know what you think about ‘Imposter’ and what RedHook track you’re excited to hear once the album is out. Give us a comment below or send us a tweet @thehoneypop, or joining the conversation on Facebook and Instagram! While you’re here, check out our some of our other music faves!


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