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4 Angèle Music Videos That Heal As Good As Time

4 Angèle Music Videos That Heal As Good As Time

Angèle by Manuel Obadia-Wills Courtesy of Dawbell PR

Angèle has finally released a music video for her track ‘Le temps fera les choses,’ and we’re completely obsessed! Angèle is the Belgian pop star that’s taken over everyone’s playlists and minds. With lyricism to last a lifetime and a feature on an iconic Dua Lipa track, this is an artist that not only has a track for everyone, but is well and truly taking over the world.

If you aren’t currently aware of Angèle and are looking for an artist with consistently gorgeous visuals, who is in their own lane musically and creatively, then Angèle is the one for you! She seems to have such a clear vision for her art, and her music videos are evidence of this. We’re completely obsessed with her visuals, so here are four of our favorites, which are perfect for seasoned Angèle listeners as well as newcomers looking to get into her discography!

Image Source: Courtesy of Dawbell PR

‘Le temps fera les choses’

The newest music video from Angèle is for her track ‘Le temps fera les choses.’ This is a video that is truly reflective of the song accompanying it. In it, Angèle is seen dancing and embracing an older version of herself, being comforted and reassured that time does things and great things at that. The way Angèle chose to express this song through a lens of personal empowerment rather than highlighting the heartbreak sets her apart from other artists; she’s in her own lane, and there will never be another artist like her.


Beware: if you listen to this song once, you will be listening to it till the end of time. This is arguably one of our favorites from Angèle, and the music video is out of this world—literally. We aren’t sure how she came up with opening the video with a flying pizza slice, but honestly, it makes sense. Dressed as an astronaut and singing about living free and being done with falling, this video is a mix of metaphors and literalism that all combine to create a motivating, rewatchable, and all-around iconic video. To see the difference between ‘Libre’ and ‘Le temps fera les choses’ shows this is the work of a true visionary.

‘Bruxelles je t’aime’

We can’t emphasize enough how in awe we are with Angèle’s mind! The visuals in this video are crisp, unique, creative, and all things genius. To try to condense this video into words feels blasphemous; this is an experience that you need to have. The way in which Angèle is able to paint such a specific but individualistic picture throughout 4 minutes is iconic. You may not speak the same language, but the overlap from each human experience shines through, and you understand her in ways you may not if she was singing in your native language.

‘La Loi de Murphy’

Throwing it back five years for this one to not only her first music video, but her first song! This was the beginning of Angèle’s career, and it’s an interesting insight into who she is and what she wants to communicate even from the very start of her artistic journey. The abstract mind of Angèle has truly been there from the beginning, and again, this is an artist who knows who she is and knows what she wants to create. Through a relatable journey of everything in your day seemingly going wrong and you wishing you just stayed in bed, Angèle once again creates a visual that exceeds all language barriers and creates something that brings us together.

If you’re in London in May, be sure to catch Angèle at Wembley Arena on the 23rd! Grab your tickets here!

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Was the music video for Angèle’s ‘Le temps fera les choses’ your favorite? Or maybe it was ‘La Loi de Murphy?’ Let us know on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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