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5 Seonghwa Stage Fits We Can’t Stop Thinking About

5 Seonghwa Stage Fits We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Ateez are the kings of concepts. Their visuals alone are full of easter eggs that tie into their storyline or hint at upcoming eras and this only adds to their overall stage presence. Although they occasionally opt for identical fedoras, masks, and suits (we suggest you watch the ‘HALA HALA’ music video), they each have their own distinct style that translates onto the stage. All 8 members of Ateez aesthetics in every era contribute to how they explore and communicate specific themes and messages. As we take a trip down memory lane, we’ve compiled a list of 5 unforgettable Seonghwa stage fits that we can’t stop thinking about.


Whilst many recognize Ateez for their dark and bold fashion choices, it’s not often we see them sporting brighter outfits. That’s precisely why we’ve kicked off our list with Seonghwa’s unforgettable style during the ‘Wave’ era. We can’t help but adore the casual vibe of this outfit. Particularly, the tie-dye top feels like a nod to the videos Atiny often saw during this era of the members getting creative and doing their own DIY tie-dye t-shirts. This look feels personal and ultimately very comfortable.

Of course, we can’t move on without talking about the printed pants. Seonghwa was ahead of the trends. The mix of bold colors in his outfit, combined with the metallic chain, creates a really fun and bright but still masculine outfit. Thank you Park Seonghwa for providing us some serious fashion inspiration that we will be channeling all summer long.


Next, we have to take a moment to discuss the ‘Wonderland’ era because it felt like a significant turning point for both Seonghwa personally and the group as a whole. Musically, Ateez were evolving and their fashion on stage reflects that. Seonghwa can be seen sporting a powerful militaristic look that exudes strength. However, even within this uniform style consistent across all the members, Seonghwa’s unique preferences shine through. For example, his standout silhouette from the longer coat makes him look lusciously tall. Paired with the long bangs it adds to a sense of mystery that makes his expressions on stage even more captivating.


‘Inception’ era Seonghwa gave us so many iconic fits that it was nearly impossible to choose just one outfit. After consulting nearly every fancam out there, we’ve finally settled for his all-black mesh outfit as the ultimate standout stage fit we can’t stop thinking about.

Firstly, the slim-fit suit speaks to Seonghwa’s undeniable air of sophistication. As the oldest member, this refined style is evident both on and off stage. However, what truly caught our eye was the way the mesh material flowed seamlessly with every move of choreography, it’s truly mesmerizing. Seonghwa’s dark gray hair styled in his iconic side part further contributed to the ethereal atmosphere of this era. The outcome was an unforgettable look that perfectly complemented the song. It’s no wonder this outfit is still talked about today as a prime example of Seonghwa’s unparalleled fits on stage.

‘Deja Vu’

Again, we struggled to pick just one outfit from this iconic era. In fact, we recommend taking the time to watch every Ateez stage out there to both fall in love with Ateez and appreciate Seonghwas stage style. After much consideration, we settled on another mesh-based look and have ultimately decided: mesh was made for Seonghwa.

Let’s break Seonghwa’s stage fit down. Seonghwa is seen wearing a shiny patterned coat on top of his mesh undershirt showcasing just the right amount of skin. The long wet-looking black hair paired with shimmers of silver from his earrings is the cherry on top of this already amazing outfit. Altogether, the look is sultry and sophisticated, making it unforgettable. When he dances, every detail of the outfit pops under the stage light and this takes his performance to the next level.


As much as we love to see Seonghwa rock elaborate outfits on stage, there is something to be said about a more casual approach. This is exactly what Seonghwa brings to the table in this ‘Answer’ era outfit.

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While the darker colors remain consistent with his other stage looks, what makes this outfit pop is the bright blue collar and the silver sparkly chain resting on his hip. It’s a subtle but purposeful touch. The outfit’s silhouette is another key factor. It allows us to see every move Seonghwa makes with clarity, making the performance even more enjoyable. And, with his shorter hair, we get to appreciate the key facial expressions even more. Overall this outfit showcases Seonghwa’s effortless ability to look both stylish and comfortable on stage which you can definitely picture him wearing outside of schedules.

What are some stage fits from Seonghwa you can’t stop thinking about? Let us know @thehoneypop!



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