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We’re ‘Not Strong Enough’ For boygenius’ the record

We’re ‘Not Strong Enough’ For boygenius’ the record

boygenius Courtesy of Chuff Media 2023

What happens when you put three of the most honest and lyrically smart artists in a band? boygenius and the record is what happens. Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, and Phoebe Bridgers are known and loved for their lyricism and all-around music that makes you feel like you can take on the world.

Lucy, Julien, and Phoebe first created boygenius to go against the misogyny so prevalent within music and create a space where they wouldn’t be compared, but rather build each other up and highlight each other’s strengths.

the record

From their EP in 2018 to now, the record, the trio has once again taken emotions that feel unfathomable and condensed them into 42 minutes of true emotional abandon. With boygenius, listeners are able to experience these emotions from a third-party perspective, which makes them just that little bit easier to deal with.

Courtesy of Chuff Media

the record is 42 minutes of the consistent amalgamation of all 3 artists while also being the unique sound that is boygenius. From ballads to rock anthems, we’re taken on a journey. The distinct shift from screaming and intense guitars in ‘$20’ to the heartwrenching 3 minutes that is ‘Emily I’m Sorry’ shows that the band isn’t sparing anyone’s feelings; this album is a rollercoaster and one we will keep riding again and again.

We have to say the song that completely ruined us as boygenius fans is the last track, ‘Letter To An Old Poet.’

Any ‘Me & My Dog’ fan will most definitely burst into tears when hearing this song (us), the absolutely stunning and seamless bridge, which, when you’re not concentrating hard enough, you almost sing the ending of verse two from ‘Me & My Dog,’ but to hear those flipped lyrics takes you completely out of your body, experiencing both songs for the first time once again. This is the work of three people who are truly intertwined with their art.

Woven throughout this album are honestly some of the most devastating lyrics, ones that, once you hear them, make you stop in your tracks to truly take in what’s being said.

Once I took your medication to know what it’s like / and now I have to act like I can’t read your mind / I ask you how you’re doing and I let you lie

… like, are you kidding??? The entirety of this album is so incredibly vulnerable and specific that you begin to wonder if these are direct excerpts from their diaries, baring their souls for the world to see with no hesitation.

boygenius: the film

boygenius: the film for their debut album the record
Courtesy of Chuff Media

Not only have we been blessed with the record, but also a short film… they’re too good to us. Directed by Kristen Stewert no less, bringing four visionaries together is a guaranteed cinematic smash. With visuals for the three leading singles, ‘$20,’ ‘Emily I’m Sorry,’ and ‘True Blue,’ this film is ticking all the boxes. Got us crying? Check. Obsessed with the visuals and wondering how people are this creative? Big check. Needing Kristen Stewart to somehow direct everything from now on? Check Check Check.

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From clips of their younger selves to the band then running alongside them? We’re not sure how much more of this we can handle, also Julien Baker playing her younger self is either incredibly metaphorical or a height joke between the three that will last till the end of time.

Be sure to catch the trio on tour – grab your tickets here!

This is a magical combination of three musical forces coming together to create something truly special and unique, and we’re incredibly grateful to be able to experience it. How many tears did you shed throughout the album? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


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