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We’re Blinded By Our Love For Against The Current’s Acoustic Tracks

We’re Blinded By Our Love For Against The Current’s Acoustic Tracks

We’ve been over here vibing to Against The Current’s latest release ‘blindfolded’ and then they blindsided us by dropping an acoustic version of the track. There’s something so satisfying about seeing how songs get stripped down and the power and emotion behind them get conveyed in an entirely new way.

Against The Current is no stranger to powerful, emotionally charged songs, so to celebrate the release of ‘blindfolded’ (acoustic) we thought we’d look at some of our other favorite Against The Current acoustic tracks.

Chrissy Constanza, lead singer, has this to say with regards to ‘blindfolded’ (acoustic) and she, of course, captured Against The Current’s approach with acoustic tracks perfectly:

Reimagining our music in different skins has always been central to our identity. The same way we’ve refused to follow the rules of any one music scene or genre, we allow our music to do the same. ‘blindfolded’ (acoustic) lets us tell the same story in different light.

Chrissy Costanza via press release


The original version of this track has been on repeat ever since it dropped but we have to give the acoustic version its shining moment too. The beauty of ‘blindfolded’ (acoustic) is that it takes the song’s narrative and frames it in a new light. The track is stripped down, but the heart and the emotion behind it are still strong. It gives a new edge of vulnerability to “If this is real don’t show it I wanna run blindfolded.” The acoustic version vividly paints imagery of the diamonds, stars, nightmares, and daydreams mentioned in the track. We hope it translates when we say that the opening notes “sparkle” with this version. Stream ‘blindfolded’ (acoustic) for yourself and see what we mean!


‘weapon’ is one of our favorite fever tracks, honestly, it’s one of our favorite Against The Current tracks overall. The word “power” finds definition in this angsty, brutal, high-energy track about battling yourself and your mental health. It’s emotional, it’s angry, and it’ll make you feel more seen than ever before. The acoustic version of ‘weapon’ paints that battle in a new light. The intensity and emotion still exist, the power is still there, but there’s a different side to it. This is the side of the battle where the anger wavers and you see the reality behind it, the hurt and the struggle of the personal battle. ‘weapon’ is the perfect choice for an acoustic song for a band that is constantly reimagining their music.


We’re going back to the Gravity days to highlight the acoustic version of one of our fave tracks off the EP, ‘Paralyzed.’ (And desperately wishing we had an official video performance of this track) Gravity gave us a lot of great Against The Current acoustic tracks, but ‘Paralyzed’ holds a special place in our hearts. ‘Paralyzed’ acoustic feels like it’s in the same vein as ‘weapon.’ You have a track about this inner struggle, a battle with yourself leaving you paralyzed, trying to fight against it. Again, stripping the track down to acoustics shows a different side of that battle. It’s the vulnerable side, the side that is admitting to the struggle, but continuing the fight all the same.

‘that won’t save us’

Another track off of fever, ‘that won’t save us’ getting the acoustic treatment just feels like the right choice. A big thematic element of the songs off of fever is that personal struggle and inner battle with the demons in your own head, stemming from Chrissy’s own experiences. For a track like ‘that won’t save us,’ which really pushes the anger and the frustration of needing a change, giving it an acoustic version reframes the narrative. The frustration and the anger, those emotions being highlighted, are able to shine in a vulnerable way that really drives them home. fever tracks going acoustic gives a new meaning to the word duality and that’s Against The Current’s specialty right there.

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There are so many of Against The Current’s acoustic tracks we could list but we’d be sitting here for hours. So, we’ll end off on a high note with the acoustic version of ‘Infinity.’ Both versions of this track allow Chrissy’s vocals to shine and the acoustic version allows ‘Infinity’ to keep its magic. It still feels as inspiring and empowering as the original and it still makes you feel like living life to the fullest. There’s something special about the acoustic version of this track and you’ll just have to give it a listen for yourself to see what that is.

And there you have it! What do you think of our list of Against The Current’s acoustic tracks? We know, we know, we probably missed some that you’re yelling at us for through the screen. If that’s the case, let us know! Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or drop a comment below. And don’t forget, you can catch Against The Current on the Nightmare & Daydreams Tour starting later this month! Grab your tickets here.

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