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5 Of Our Favorite Anne-Marie Songs That You Need In Your Playlist!

5 Of Our Favorite Anne-Marie Songs That You Need In Your Playlist!

Are your playlists looking a bit dry? Are you feeling that something is missing from your playlist but you just don’t know what? Well, it’s probably because you don’t have enough of Anne-Marie‘s music mixed into your musical repertoire. Lucky for you, that means that you can fix the problem with ease! All you have to do is add Anne-Marie’s entire discography to your library :). YAY!!

Okay, yes, you may not want to do that right away because “I don’t know her music, and what if I don’t like it?” but fear not dear readers, for we are here to help you ease into her tunes. If you are keen to give her music a try (which is something you obviously want to do, no doubt about it), but don’t know where to begin, we got you covered. We at The Honey POP adore Anne-Marie and have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with a list of some of our fav bops! So, grab your headphones and buckle in as we take you on a trip into the world of Anne-Marie!


If you’re looking for a beautiful love song to add to your playlist, ‘Breathing’ is the one for you. ‘Breathing’ is easily one of the most angelic songs out there. The song features quite a stripped-back track which allows for Anne-Marie’s incredible, gentle vocals to take center stage. The backing track almost replicates a heartbeat; a nearly distorted sound as if you had your ear to your loved one’s chest and are listening to their gentle heartbeat and the air as it flows in and out of their lungs with every inhale and exhale.

This is a very different track. It’s the first-ever love song I’ve ever written because I normally cringe when I’m trying to write a love song. My parents have been together since they were 14, and I always thought that would happen for me. But I’ve gone through so much heartbreak since then that I started not believing in love. This song is about coming to the realization that you can’t not believe in it. We tried many different vibes for it, from speeding it up to making it into a house song. But we ended up going back to its original form, only adding violins and strings. I think it’s a nice break in the album where people can just take a breath.

Anne-Marie via Apple Music

‘Our Song.’

Anne-Marie and Niall Horan. Yup, you read that right. An absolutely iconic duo whose voices sound immaculate together. Moreover, a duo that we love to see interact with each other! 

Anne-Marie explained that the concept of the song came to her while she was driving to the studio listening to the radio. “I was listening to the radio in the car, and I just thought, ‘Imagine if you had that one song with your ex and then you split up and now you have to hear that song, and you hate it.’” she stated during an interview with Apple Music. It’s definitely safe to say that the lyrics describe that idea perfectly!

The song begins with a beautiful guitar riff (composed by Niall himself of course), which can continue to be heard throughout the song! The two stated that the creation process went by fairly quickly as they got along so well and both found a way to connect to the song! Take a listen:


“Cause everything you did to me / I’ma do to you times two, uh”

This song speaks for itself. Want to feel like a bad-b*tch? Hit play on ‘x2.’ This song is purely a revenge song. Simple as that.


Ah, yes, the song that you used to have on repeat back in 2018! This was a song that brought Anne-Marie into all of our lives as it took the world by storm! This song took over the radio and it’s obvious why; it’s just so darn good. 

In ‘2002,’ Anne-Marie thinks back to her life as an 11-year-old! She grabs lyrics from her favorite songs back in the day (from Britney Spears to NSYNC, you can hear them all!), and sings about falling in love with her first crush! She sings about the freedom of being young and reminisces on the days of youth and innocence that took place for her in 2002.


In the same way that we are sure you’ve heard ‘2002,’ we are just as sure that you have heard ‘FRIENDS’ by Anne-Marie and Marshmello! As stated in the title of the music video, ‘FRIENDS’ is quite literally a friendzone anthem.

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F-R-I-E-N-D-S. We’re just friends.”

Yes, yes, we know it’s slightly harsh, but come on, if they can’t take the hint, then you have to say it straight up. Now, we’re not telling you to play this to the people you are trying to friend zone … it would just be a little funny, and it would make them finally understand the situation 🙂 Besides that, the song is a must-have in your library! Ahh, we love it so much!

Well, there you have it: 5 of our absolute fav Anne-Marie songs! We hope that this incredible (if we do say so ourselves) list has helped you with your Anne-Marie journey, and we are so super excited for you to explore her discography further!

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