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Maisie Peters’ ‘Lost The Breakup’ Is The Star Card For Healing Broken Hearts

Maisie Peters’ ‘Lost The Breakup’ Is The Star Card For Healing Broken Hearts


Maisie Peters is having an incredible year! The Good Witch is showing everyone she has the magical abilities to win over the hearts of new and current fans. Earlier in the year, Maisie released ‘Body Better’ as the first single off her upcoming summer album, The Good WitchEventually, a few months later on March 31st, Maisie Peters released ‘Lost The Breakup.’

‘Lost The Breakup’ is exactly the type of song that we expect from Maisie. There are always two sides after a breakup: the one that is “winning” and the one that “loses.” How do we know who is who? Maisie does a great job taking listeners through her perspectives on it. It’s a song that is petty and angry in tone at the beginning, but then shifts as it plays out. In a way, ‘Lost The Breakup’ feels as if it’s a scoff towards the person who ended the relationship. 

‘Lost The Breakup’ is a reflection of understanding your value and worth, in and out of a relationship. In the song, it appears that the person wasn’t a great guy nor partner and didn’t see Maisie’s worth. As a listener, you are being reminded that you are incredible and valuable. And, most importantly, that them saying goodbye is their loss. When you hear and dance to the lines, “I’m the best thing that almost happened to you,” know that you’re a catch!

With Maisie, We Know Who ‘Lost The Breakup’

Maisie does a great job in her storytelling to take you through all stages of grief for mourning the relationship. The denial, confusion, anger, depression, fragility, bargaining, and ending with acceptance or contentment. It’s a song that is meant to take you through the post-breakup feelings as you piece together your new life. By the end of the song, you’ll feel elated as you smile and laugh matching the triumphant ending as you know who really lost the breakup.

We also caught some similarities between ‘Lost The Breakup’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘I Bet You Think About Me,’ which we can’t get over! Taylor’s chorus is a direct hit toward to person who left knowing that her impact is haunting them – “But now that we’re done and it’s over, I bet it’s hard to believe. But it turned out I’m harder to forget than I was to leave. Then, yeah, I bet you think about me.”

It’s a scoff at the other person who thought they would be able to erase her. You can’t erase someone who knows her worth. It’s just like Maisie sings on the bridge of ‘Lost The Breakup!’

And it’s me, I’ll see you too, I’ll wave. And I’m dancing over to you in the corner and you’ll say, ‘Wow, hey, it’s been forever. Do you wanna get a drink, like together?’ And I say, ‘I’m kinda busy but like, stay in touch?’ I think, ‘Oh sh*t, I won the breakup.’

Maisie Peters, ‘Lost The Breakup’ Bridge

In fact, it’s a perfect comparison of a feeling that is so empowering that you can forget someone’s name, but they’ll never forget yours. You can’t forget what’s priceless, you won the breakup! It’s an amazing and fun anthem to jam out to as we heal and move on from any relationship that has dissolved. You must watch her performance of ‘Lost The Breakup’ on Jimmy Fallon to get yourself ready for watching the music video. The more you get of Maisie Peters, the better, it’s good karma.

Maisie Is The Good Witch

This fun and sly breakup anthem definitely has to have a music video that matches its energy. Maisie did not disappoint with the ‘Lost The Breakup’ music video! Maisie and her team took advantage of her recent time in Japan while touring with Ed Sheeran to shoot the music video. 

Shooting ‘Lost The Breakup’ in Japan resulted in a beautiful outcome. The music video captures all of the emotions of grappling with the bitterness that follows a breakup while venturing into the neon streets of Tokyo. As you watch the music video, you’ll see fun little things hidden throughout that aid in the visual storytelling of the song. No matter who you are or where you are, the play on the visuals reflects the emotions we’ve all had and wish that we could’ve openly expressed in public. Maisie takes our imaginations and puts them on the screen!

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Let’s grab our rose quartz, citrine, rhodonite, and amethyst crystals to protect, heal, and find happiness as we listen to ‘Lost The Breakup.’ Don’t forget to pull a tarot card for guidance! You get The Star card, the ultimate card of hope, positivity, and healing. We see now why Maisie is The Good Witch!

Maisie Peters Has Us Under Her Spell

Truly, this music video is a ten out of ten. You have to watch it for yourself and enter Maisie’s world. You’ll soon see why we at THP and even Taylor Swift are fans of Maisie Peters. The ‘Not Another Rockstar’ singer is getting everyone ready for an unforgettable album, The Good Witch, and for The Good Witch North American Tour with Ed Sheeran. 

You have to let us know your thoughts about the ‘Lost The Breakup’ music video by letting us know all the ways you won the breakup in the comments below! Or to give us your thoughts on social media, you can tweet us @thehoneypop or send us love on Facebook or Instagram


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