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Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss Our Faves From Eyes Wide Open By Sabrina Carpenter!

Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss Our Faves From Eyes Wide Open By Sabrina Carpenter!

Life happens in the blink of an eye. It feels like just yesterday, Sabrina Carpenter was a bright young talent on Disney Channel, working to make her name in the music industry. Today, she’s selling out world tours and shining just as bright! Still, we can’t forget where it all began. Sabrina released her debut album Eyes Wide Open, in April 2015, and we’re as obsessed as we were then. Here are our favorite Sabrina songs to take you down memory lane. 

‘Eyes Wide Open’

As the title track of the album, ‘Eyes Wide Open’ packs the perfect pop-punch! Inspiring us to seize the moment and follow the dream burning inside of us, Sabrina served vocals and heart. Matched with a video that is so simple, yet elegant, Sabrina allowed her maturity to shine through while still maintaining that enchanting, whimsical innocence. That makes sense, right? She did tell us she was born with an old soul. 


We hadn’t heard a best friend anthem this perfect since Hannah Montana told us all about her ‘True Friend.’ Then ‘Seamless’ came along, and we were hooked. With a fun and bubbly tune, it mimics that fuzzy feeling you get when you’re with your BFF. They know you better than anyone else, they’re always down for an adventure, and no matter what, you can trust them with all your secrets. Just like the one who will always have our back, ‘Seamless’ will forever be in our ride-or-die Sabrina track.

‘We’ll Be The Stars’

Sabrina captured youth in a bottle with this one! ‘We’ll Be The Stars’ was the lead single from Eyes Wide Open and truly set the tone for this era of her career. One of our favorite lines is, “All our fears became our hopes. Climbed out every locked window. We rode a lion’s mane and fell upon the rain.” because it’s all about bravery. With lions often symbolizing strength and rain associated with cleansing, ‘We’ll Be The Stars’ holds a spot in our top five for its revitalizing passion and incredible lyricism.

‘Darling I’m A Mess’

We were hooked from the first ukelele strum. ‘Darling I’m A Mess’ may talk about longing for a goodbye kiss from the one we lost, but sadness completely disappears from the melody. Penned by Meghan Trainor, this song is a breath of fresh air, giving a new, breezy take on unrequited love. We wish this could be the soundtrack for all of our heartbreaks…maybe the tears wouldn’t be so bad!

‘Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying’

Of course, our list would not be complete without ‘Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying.’ Also written by Meghan Trainor, we’d say this is the one that started it all. A folk-pop hit, Sabrina was just coming into her own, which makes it magical even after all these years. The bright colors mirror the feeling that comes with that first love feeling. It’s free, and it’s exciting, it even makes your head a little dizzy. But you never forget it, just like we could never forget this timeless Sabrina classic.

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Sabrina has come a long way with no signs of slowing down. She’s still got that quirky charm and witty smile that captivated fans from the beginning, now paired with a strong, no-nonsense confidence we adore. Get it? Sabrina has always been that girl, and we’ll be sure to keep our…Eyes Wide Open for what she brings next.

What’s your favorite song from Eyes Wide Open? Let us know in the comments or find us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @thehoneypop. Looking to meet other cool Sabrina stans? “Pop” on over to the Honey Pop discord!


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