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New Hope Club & P1Harmony Combine Their Talents For A Catchy Collaboration, ‘Super Chic!’

New Hope Club & P1Harmony Combine Their Talents For A Catchy Collaboration, ‘Super Chic!’

If you’re like us, you’ve been eagerly anticipating the day New Hope Club and P1Harmony would join forces musically. In a YouTube video last summer, we spotted George from New Hope Club revealing the two groups had spent time in the studio together. As members of the club and P1ece, we have since been investigating every potential clue of an upcoming collaboration! As they say, good things come to those who wait – and now, the collaboration is finally here. This is truly a match made in musical heaven. So, it’s time to feel ‘Super Chic’ with New Hope Club and P1Harmony thanks to their new catchy collaboration!

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Before delving into the song itself, let’s take a moment to appreciate the talented artists behind it. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of discovering them, now is the perfect time!

The British pop trio of Blake, George, and Reece – known as New Hope Club – have been making waves across the globe with their sold-out shows. Fresh from a successful summer tour in Asia and the US, they are currently headlining shows in Tokyo and Seoul. Their latest release, ‘Just don’t know it yet,’ is a testament to their musical evolution and with an extensive discography, they have a song for everyone!

Meanwhile, P1Harmony are a bilingual K-Pop sensation making their mark on the industry with their powerful performances and unique sound. Composed of members Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul and Jongseob, the talented group are known for their fresh harmonies, captivating choreography, and consistent credits within their songs. Their recent release, Harmony: Set In, is full of energy and garnered a lot of attention. Since then, they’ve made many iconic appearances from the Kelly Clarkson Show to the Music Bank stage in Paris.

Detective Corner

Welcome to what we at The Honey POP have dubbed the detective corner – given our fondness for both artists, in this space, we uncover the little clues over the past 7 months leading to the collaboration release. Over the past year, New Hope Club and P1Harmony have formed a close friendship and made numerous appearances together. For instance, New Hope Club supported P1Harmony on their P1USTAGE H: P1ONEER tour in NYC in February. And P1Harmony is set to return the favor by opening for New Hope Club on their upcoming Seoul headline shows!

In addition, there have been TikTok videos featuring the two groups taking on the ‘Doom Du Doom’ dance challenge. Both artists have also shared covers of each other’s songs; Jiung posted a cover of ‘Permission’ and New Hope Club covered ‘Do It Like This’ recently. Paired with a video of them together in the studio, fans could feel a collaboration in the works.

Breaking Down Super Chic

The song is so sweet that we can’t get it off our brain – and truthfully, we wouldn’t want to! ‘Super Chic’ is bright, bubbly, and arrives just in time for the sunny months ahead, giving us the perfect summer soundtrack. It seamlessly integrates the classic old-school sound that we’ve come to expect from New Hope Club with a fresh, youthful sound from P1Harmony.

The song opens with a quick and cheeky verse from New Hope Club, where we’re introduced to the main character of the song and everything that makes her super chic! From there on, it’s a fast-paced and harmonious journey. In fact, when listening closely you will discover a range of hidden harmonies, quirky sounds, and altogether gems hiding quietly in the background and between verses. The “lemon sweetener” is Theo’s honey-like vocals in the pre-chorus. Further, within the second verse, we are introduced to a new style of sound from vocalist Keeho that demands a replay. Even the lyrics are playful and have us practicing our best Adriana Lima walk in the mirror.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a P1Harmony song without reversing expectations. In ‘Super Chic,’ the anticipation does not diminish in the bridge – rather, it continues thanks to rappers Jongseob and Intak, who own the bridge with clever lyrics and an unexpected change of tone. Paired with the catchy hook “I wanna make her mine,” the perspective changes from admiration of Ms. Super Chic to action. They express their disbelief in fully grasping the essence of the song’s character and desire to never let her go. We completely understand this feeling, because we can’t believe we graced the earth at the same time as this collab! Additionally, the bridge being in Korean reminds us of the universality of great music.

The Ultimate ‘Super Chic’ Guide

The message of this song is clear: it’s about being confident and having fun. The lyrics inspire us to work hard and be the “breadwinner bringing home the cheese” and suggest we should top our ice cream with a cherry – a playful reminder to live life to the fullest. It’s no wonder we’re feeling like the main character, strutting down the streets, morning coffee in hand ready to conquer the day with ‘Super Chic’ on repeat.

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What’s Next For New Hope Club and P1Harmony?

If you love ‘Super Chic,’ we recommend you check out ‘Whatever’ and ‘Call Me a Quitter’ by New Hope Club, which align with their old-school vibe. You can also anticipate New Hope Club opening for Busted at their London O2 arena shows in September. And, if seeing them on stage is not enough, you can catch Blake on the big screen in his acting debut, playing Sir Paul McCartney in the highly-anticipated Brian Epstein Beatles biopic!

Meanwhile, P1Harmony are preparing for their first-ever Canada and Latin America headline tour starting on July 9th- they’ll be visiting cities such as Toronto, San Juan, Mexico City, and more. Keeho shared, “The fact that I will perform a headline concert in my own hometown for my own show is still something I cannot believe.” This milestone for the group is the first of many to come! And, if we re-enter the detective corner one last time, we’ve noticed a change in hair colors across the members – perhaps a new album is on its way?

Has this collaboration got you feeling ‘Super Chic?’ Let us know in the comments and tweet us @thehoneypop!



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