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You Will ‘Be Ok’ After Listening To Petti Hendrix

You Will ‘Be Ok’ After Listening To Petti Hendrix

Petti Hendrix

The interesting thing about songs is how each and every one is unique in its own way, and we never know what we’ll get into until we give it a listen. You know how sometimes you’re hooked from the start, and then other times it takes a few tries to get into the music? Well, let us tell you about our latest experience. The moment we pressed play, we knew we would be in love with this one! Whose music is it? It’s Petti Hendrix’s remastered single ‘Be Ok,’ and we’re feeling more than ok after hearing it.

Let’s take you through the process in more detail. Imagine this: sitting back, headphones on, and ‘Be Ok’ starts to play. The melody at the beginning felt so gentle, but we knew it was preparing us for that hard drop seconds later. This is a song that captures you and fills you with so much energy, it’s truly incredible. We’re not overreacting, trust us… or better yet, give it a listen! We have a feeling you’ll share our opinion.

You can listen to ‘Be Ok’ here!

Petti Hendrix
Image Source: Courtesy of MDDN Records

Here’s a little more info on ‘Be Ok’ that we found interesting and might also help you lean into giving it a shot (if you haven’t already). We have pop/punk producer Robbie Hiser working on this and remastering it into what you hear today – he’s worked with artists like Hey Violet, Zolita, Kailee Morgue, Good Charlotte, and more! Amazing, right?

But, of course, a song isn’t complete until you add the vocals. We have Petti Hendrix’s brilliant timbre to thank for that final, and very important, touch. All the work put into ‘Be Ok’ was definitely worth it, because it created one of our new favorite tracks and hopefully one of yours as well.

Okay, but we couldn’t skip the lyrics either. What we’re hearing is a story about young love – the kind that is felt strongly, with every fiber of one’s being. Some parts lead you to think the actions of those involved are not right, that how they experience things is wrong. What’s really important is how the two feel, and they’re the only ones who really know it. As we listen, we end up with the conclusion that no matter what they do or what life throws at them, as long as they’re together, everything will be okay. And isn’t that really the beauty and power of love?

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Before we forget, we have some good news regarding Petti Hendrix! The artist is preparing to drop his first EP called Choose Life, and we are already waiting in excitement to hear it!

Are you as hyped as us for Petti Hendrix’s upcoming EP? Drop by our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share your thoughts on ‘Be Ok’ and just freak out together about how much we loved this release!


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