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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Against The Current Is Entering A New Era

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Against The Current Is Entering A New Era

We have been huge fans of Against The Current since the Infinity days, and we are absolutely loving their new music. ‘good guy’ and ‘blindfolded’ have been on repeat since they dropped, and it has us super excited for this era of Against The Current. The band is taking their sound to new heights while still managing to capture emotions in the raw, meaningful, relevant way that only Against The Current can. It’s why we love them so much and why we’re so excited to share their music with you.

We were lucky enough to chat with vocalist Chrissy Costanza about the band’s new independent era, music, touring, and more. Check out what she had to say!

‘good guy’ is your second independent release so far in this era. What’s it been like having that control over your direction as a band? 
It’s been great; it very much feels like how things started. We took on the world just the 3 of us; it’s in our blood to do it again.

We caught the line, “but I need to let the fever sweat out” in your track ‘blindfolded,’ is that a nod to fever
Absolutely. ‘fever’ was about a transition time for us, and ‘blindfolded’ was about emerging from that as something new.

Thematically, would you say these new releases connect to the fever era, or are they taking on a new perspective? 
They evolve out of the fever era for sure. There’s some elements that are always going to be inherently ATC but with new skin.

You’ve given a lot of your tracks the acoustic treatment, most recently with ‘blindfolded,’ how do you decide which tracks you’re going to turn into an acoustic version?
Sometimes it’s just time constraints otherwise, we’d do them all. But it’s cathartic to reimagine songs in a stripped-back style; it breathes new life into them and reveals all the layers beneath.

Is it hard to translate the emotion in a song like ‘weapon,’ for example, to an acoustic track? (Our personal take is that y’all killed it with that one, but that’s just us!) 
‘weapon” lent itself really well to being an acoustic track. Even though it’s a high-energy song, the lyrics, and emotions are raw. I loved stripping that one down to its bones. 

“I’m driving home with dewy eyes for the last time” and “I miss the way that my eyes filled with stars” are some of our favorite lyrics from your new songs. What are some of your favorite lyrics you’ve ever written?
Thank you! Oh, that’s so difficult. It’s funny, sometimes you connect to lines that aren’t necessarily profound or unusually eloquent, but just mean something to you. For me, I think one of my favorites is “Are monsters made, or are they born?” from ‘lullaby.’ It’s a question I ask a lot when it comes to human nature. And then in ‘weapon’ “no I won’t go under, no I won’t back down, bittersweet surrender, everything is better now” was an oath I made to myself. I wanted to sing those words and believe them.

You all are heading out on tour. What songs are you most excited to play live? 
‘good guy’ for sure since it’s new, but also, ‘weapon’ just always goes hard.

You have had an amazing career so far. Looking back, what’s something you wish you could tell your younger selves who were just starting out? 
Stop doubting yourself. You deserve to be here as much as anybody else.

A lot of your songs come from deeply personal and vulnerable experiences. What is it like opening up like that to your fans and to anyone who may come across your music? 
It’s actually hard. It’s easy to write the song in the studio and pour your feelings into that. But then, when you meet people face to face, and they share their experiences or empathize with you, it strips you bare. I’ve had to work really hard at being able to look people in the eyes when talking about vulnerabilities. I hate feeling vulnerable. But it’s important. We’re all healing together.

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Can you give us any hints about upcoming music or album plans? What’s ATC up to next? 
We’re writing and recording a ton and have our next single almost fully recorded.

A big thank you to Chrissy for taking the time to talk to us! Against The Current is currently (haha) touring the US on the Nightmares & Daydreams US Tour, so if you want to catch these new songs live (you do), you better grab your tickets ASAP.

Let us know your thoughts on ‘good guy’ and Against The Current in the comments below. Or drop us a line on our socials; we’re always buzzing about something on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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