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Jenna Raine Hits Us Where It Hurts, In Our Big Dumb Heart

Jenna Raine Hits Us Where It Hurts, In Our Big Dumb Heart

Jenna Raine

One of our favorite thing about THP HQ is that we get to share our favorite new artists with you, and today is no different! This time we have Jenna Raine, who is eloquent in not only her lyricism but in the very way she carries herself. You’ll forget she’s still a teen! We literally see ourselves in her shoes through her new EP, Big Dumb Heart, Chapter 1

And with 75 million streams under her belt, many feel the same way we do! Now you’re probably wondering how does someone write such relatable lyrics? We have the answer to this very question in our exclusive interview with Jenna Raine right below! 

You released your EP, Big Dumb Heart, today. Congrats! Could you walk us through the five tracks? What story do they tell?

The first track is ‘Crickets,’ which tells a story about a time in high school when my guy best friend told me he was in love with me, but I didn’t feel the same way. I decided to write a song from his perspective because I really felt for him in that situation.

‘Stupid Cupid’ is a song from my overthinking brain. It’s a hypothetical song about if me and my boyfriend broke up due to long distance. It’s also about wanting someone that you can’t have, and I know a lot of people feel defeated when they’re in that situation.

‘Fade Away’ is about falling out of love with someone and living with the ghost of them every single day, within every single moment, every memory, every place you went to, etc. Just that constant reminder that they’re no longer in your life anymore and having to live with that. 

‘She’s There’ is a song about being the people pleaser that I am. In high school, I was a lot of my friends’ personal therapist, and that was a heavy weight for a 16 year old to carry. I was filling up everybody’s cup, but nobody was filling mine. This song helped me grow and taught me where to draw the line.

Last is “Bad Hearts.” I wrote it for one of my closest friends in high school when she was in a terrible relationship. I wanted to write a song to encourage her to move on and bring the situation to light while doing it in a heartfelt way. She deserves the world!

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It sounds like most of these have to deal with heartbreak. Did real life inspire these, and if so, would you say it helped you process those feelings?
Yes, 100%. These were all things that I either went through or watched the closest people in my life go through. I wouldn’t have fully grasped what I had been through if it hadn’t been for the songs.

For others crying along with you, how do you get over a bad breakup? Whether it be romantic or platonic.
Surround yourself with people that comfort you and will create new memories with you. It really helps remind you that there are other people in your life that are there for you.

‘She’s There’ hit us on a personal level. And speaking up in situations where you give your all and no one else returns the favor can be really hard to do, especially when you’re trying to keep the relationship. How do you handle situations like this?
I would say the best thing to do is distance yourself from the people that are draining you emotionally. That was a really hard pill to swallow at 16, but I chose to distance myself from some friends because I knew that at the end of the day, I would be able to find different relationships that were going to fill my cup and pour into me.

What advice would you give listeners to help them put themselves first?
Make sure you take the time to look back and reflect on what you’re feeling, rather than worrying about everybody else around you. It’s so easy to fall down the rabbit hole of being a people pleaser, but it’s more important to sit back and feel what you feel so you can act on your own thoughts rather than somebody else’s.

This EP is called Big Dumb Heart, Chapter 1. How many chapters can we expect?
I think with this title, Big Dumb Heart, Chapter 1, people can assume that there’s more to come.

You opened for Joshua Bassett on the US leg of his tour. What was that like? What song did you enjoy performing the most?
It was such an amazing experience. The crowds were so respectful and so receptive. I hadn’t been on stage for three years, which made it extra special. Singing ‘see you later’ live was possibly the most life-changing experience. I never fully grasped the idea of people knowing my music, so hearing them sing back to me was so heartwarming.

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What is one thing you learned from that touring experience? Any lessons learned that will stay with you forever?
I don’t think I realized how many people actually knew my music. As silly as it sounds, it was very inspiring and encouraging to hear so many people’s stories and how my music helped them. Everything people shared with me really made me want to write more music and provide that safe space for even more people.

What do you love most about performing?
I love how intentional performing is, and the connection with the crowd. It’s such an unbelievable experience whether you’re on stage or off. 

So we’re getting a new EP today, and we’re greedy and impatient. Can we look out for Chapter 2 in the near future?
I can promise you that it will not be long before more music is released!

We know it’s too soon to beg, but we can’t get enough! We really hope a Chapter 2 is around the corner because we are not okay. From touring to new projects, Jenna Raine has been on fire and we are standing right there, front row, cheering her on!

What emotions do hope Jenna helps us put into words in Chapter 2? Were you able to find solace in Big Dumb Heart Chapter 1? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook!

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