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Remi Wolf Is The Only ‘Prescription’ We Need

Remi Wolf Is The Only ‘Prescription’ We Need

It’s true. Whenever we need to have our minds cleansed, our energy replenished, or even our woes set to rest, we listen to Remi Wolf. Her discography is full of vibrancy! In her collection, you can find bright colors, bouncy melodies, memorable lyrics, and plenty of good vibes. To get you started on why Remi Wolf is the perfect remedy to mend our woes, we’ll tell you about her brand new release, ‘Prescription.’

‘Prescription’ is full of warm waves, carried by groovy pop and R&B undertones with tantalizing lyricism and soulful vocals. It’s a song about newfound love and how addictive it can be. She captures that feeling so well, and her powerful delivery sends us into a nostalgic spiral through memories of our first taste of love.

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‘Prescription’ is the first original new release since her deluxe album release of Juno in 2022. It was born from a conversation between Remi Wolf and her friend, Boots Riley. After talking about his new TV show, I’m A Virgo, a coming-of-age story based around 13-foot-tall Cootie (Jharrel Jerome), Remi Wolf found inspiration and took to the booth to create this perfect song.

A few months ago, Boots Riley called me and we spoke about his new TV show, I’m A Virgo. 24 hours later, this song was created inspired by that conversation and it is being featured in the TV show out this summer. I loved it so much that I wanted to release it and share it with you all as a special little something.

Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf really is the only ‘Prescription’ we need whenever we need a top-up of serotonin and dopamine. We love her, adore her, and we are so grateful she exists. And do you want to know the best bit about this new release? Not only do we have ‘Prescription’ to bless our ears and caress our souls, but Remi Wolf also gifted us with a 7-minute extended version! Can you believe it? Honey, it is perfection. We were blown away when we listened to it. You can tell her love for music pours directly from her heart and soul.

Want To Hear ‘Prescription’ Live? Here’s Your Chance!

Trust us, honey. As soon as we heard this song, all we could think about was how Remi Wolf would give the performance of her lifetime with this one on stage. We’re sure you are as desperate as we are to experience this song in person.

Luckily for us, Remi will be showcasing her immense talents at festivals this summer. That includes Governors Ball, Newport Folk Festival, Bleached Fest, Bonnaroo, and Vortex. These appearances arrive after two successful and populated sets at Coachella, where she took the Mojave Stage by storm. She played some of her most iconic songs such as ‘Photo ID,’ and ‘Cake.’

Want to learn more about where to see her live? Click here, honeybee!

More From Remi Wolf

We could sit here all day giving you recommendations of what to listen to next. Remi’s talent knows no bounds, and that is clear by the songs in her discography! We highly recommend checking out her album, Juno (Deluxe), after you’re done having ‘Prescription’ on repeat all day! It has some iconic anthems, and we’re sure you’ll love every song! It really is a no-skip sensation!

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Remi Wolf is also set to release a cover of Nat King Cole’s ‘Autumn Leaves’ on May 23rd. The cover will be her contribution to National Geographic’s new mini-series documentary, A Small Light, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready for that!


new song PRESCRIPTION out now !!!!!!

♬ Prescription – Remi Wolf

What do you think of ‘Prescription’ by Remi Wolf? Are you a Remjob? (No, seriously! Remi calls her fans Remjobs!) Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.


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