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Six Standout LE SSERAFIM Lyrics From The ‘Unforgiven’ Album

Six Standout LE SSERAFIM Lyrics From The ‘Unforgiven’ Album

When we talk about iconic women, there’s one name that immediately comes to mind, LE SSERAFIM, of course! They’ve just made history by becoming the fastest KPOP girl group to enter the Top 10 on Billboard 200. Impressive, right? They’ve secured spot number six on the charts with their album ‘Unforgiven.’ They’ve skyrocketed their way up the charts and to the top of our playlist. What’s even more impressive is that they achieved this in just one year since their debut.

From their mesmerizing music, unique styling, captivating visuals, and insane choreography – they truly have it all. So, to celebrate this incredible milestone, we’re showcasing six standout lyrics from LE SSERAFIM’SUnforgiven’ album. P.S. We’re focusing on the new tracks only!


“I never wanted forgiveness, I’ll target the taboo, watch me now”

‘Unforgiven’ is about breaking free from societal stereotypes and embracing individuality. This is exactly what the lyric highlights. Within this song, we’re reminded of the importance of independence. Particularly, the line “If belief’s a sin, I’m a villain” shows how society tries to suppress those who are different. We agree with the girls; let’s believe and fight for our independence in such a structured world.

‘No-Return (Into The Unknown)’

the world that seemed so big is now a blue dot since I beat the truth”

The opening line to this song is a standout and puts a lot into perspective. This lyric reminds us that sometimes, to discover a true reality, we must remove ourselves and step back. This lets us see how small and insignificant our insecurities are. The girls are encouraging us all to live freely with confidence.

‘Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife’

“smile become like a doll, cover and cover everything like emotions, I hate it, I’m not a doll, even if I frown, that’s me”

This song is full of iconic quotes! Whilst you may have the “we don’t dress to impress” lyric stuck in your head, we’ve found a hidden gem. This lyric is extremely raw as it describes the female experience. Particularly the girls of LE SSERAFIM and how they’re expected to act as women in the music industry. We love the truth behind these lyrics; nobody is perfect. As members of the Fearnot community, we caught the ode to member Yunjin’s self-composed song ‘I ≠ DOLL.’ This reminds us of the constant battle the girls have to face in the industry. Ultimately it captures the human experience and connects us all on the same level.

‘Between You, Me and The Lampost’

“In truth, she’s not all fearless, but you, you help her fear less”

Does anybody have tissues? Our eyes are watering. This lyric beautifully captures a love story. It reminds everyone of their personal fears but emphasizes the power of love. Also, it shows that growth is gradual and things take time. Overall, this lyric demonstrates how love (whether romantic or friendship) has the power to transcend and bring out your best self. With “fearlessbeing a recurrent motif in the LE SSERAFIM discography, we are in awe of this perspective.

‘Flash Forward’

“Four seasons of my feelings, laughter, fighting, sadness, joy”

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In all honesty, this lyric felt like a slap in the face from reality. We’re all trying to romanticize our life and live a perfect day, every day. However, that’s unrealistic. Through this lyric, LE SSERAFIM reminds us that a year doesn’t pass without experiencing the four seasons. Similarly, a year doesn’t pass without experiencing these feelings. Ultimately, it reminds us we’re not alone.

‘Fire In The Belly’

“step by step, one, two three, in the dark of the road, engraving the history, this is you and my odyssey”

The final song on the album provides lyrics that remind us of the adventure of life and keeps us optimistic. Along with the catchy beat, we’re given a burst of energy through the lyrics that tell us to keep going with our heads held high to achieve great things across our own adventure.

LE SSERAFIM continues to astound us with their achievements so early in their career, and their lyrics show us exactly why they’re earning an iconic status. What are some of your favorite LE SSERAFIM lyrics from this era? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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