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Girlhouse’s the fourth ep Delivers A Raw And Exhilarating Tale Of Leaving And Healing

Girlhouse’s the fourth ep Delivers A Raw And Exhilarating Tale Of Leaving And Healing

Picture this. You’re in your bedroom, laying on your bed, bored. You stare up at the ceiling fan, as it’s currently your only entertaining content. Now you’re looking for music to liven you up. So the search begins for music that feels like you’re having a mini party in your room as they do in the movies. You keep scrolling and trying to find that perfect bedroom pop sound to set you free. Until you stumble across the fourth ep by girlhouse. You hit play and immediately feel the rush to get up from your bed to dance, sing, and rock out to enjoy yourself.

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As you listen to the fourth ep and the first song on the ep, ‘gen x boyfriend!!‘, you are already in the zone, feeling energized and releasing your earlier restlessness. The first song and lead single, ‘gen x boyfriend!!’ despite its raging guitars and drums, is bittersweet. However, the whole ep is bittersweet, but it’s an electrifying bittersweet. It’s the perfect thing you need to enjoy a night in your bedroom or blasting from the speakers during a car ride. the fourth ep has a sound that reminds us of Wet Leg (touring with Harry Styles for Love On Tour Europe Leg), Phoebe Bridgers, Ethel Cain, and Lucy Dacus. We are certain that you will hear this, too, and fall in love with this indie artist.

girlhouse doesn’t hold back on ‘gen x boyfriend!!’

It’s about the power dynamic in a relationship with someone significantly older. At first, it’s cool, a very romanticized fantasy of being swooped off your feet with someone who is older and perhaps wiser. Just because someone is older and pretty doesn’t mean that they are good for you. Yet, as the song plays out, it sounds desperate to figure out how to keep relevancy and maintain a grip on who you are in the relationship.

This song was super fun to write! Our friend Jon Bryant was in town working with Tyler on some music for his own project and we happened to find some time to write together and I’m so shocked this was the song that came out of us as a team!”

Lauren Luiz

‘gen x boyfriend!!’ is a man who knows the age difference, can feign love, make you feel bad about being young, and trying to be cool with his 90s mixtape. He doesn’t like that she is young and wants to be with her friends. You can hear a sour retort in the lyrics, “had so much fun when I was ignorant and dumb.” This song deeply reflects how it feels to try to be relatable to someone who is older than you and wanting them to see you as you. The line “I’m making sh*t up as I go” embodies that; it feels edgy and almost like a dreamy plead to make it work with your “soulmate.” Despite the bittersweet double meanings throughout the song, the sadder tone gets lost in the maddening drums and guitars.

It perfectly reflects the unfortunate reality of the deeply rose-colored glasses wearer who enters a very bad relationship. How could the older boyfriend not know how to treat someone right at their age? When we are young, we ignore giant red flags. girlhouse, Lauren Luiz, has had that experience. ‘gen x boyfriend!!’ is her way of telling her story as a young 20-something reflecting, surviving, growing, and healing. We appreciate her vulnerability and love how she captured her story. You will love it too.

Most abusive relationships start off with a ton of love bombs that keep you working towards the connection that was in the beginning. He made me feel so important and magical when we first started dating and I was addicted to getting back to a place that wasn’t real to begin with. The song is the survivalist dissociating and feeling like they’ve finally found ‘the one’.”

Lauren Luiz

the fourth ep is an amazing work of art

If you enjoyed the breakdown of ‘gen x boyfriend!!’ and have listened to it, you’ll enjoy the rest of the ep. (You should’ve listened to it by now. If you haven’t, you need to go into your bedroom, hit play, and rock out to it). Anyway, ‘gen x boyfriend!!’ is an enjoyable raw song. That rawness is bursting out the seams in a loud, rambunctious manner throughout the fourth ep. the fourth ep is a magnificent piece of work. The five-track ep is well created from start to finish.

The bittersweet tone from ‘gen x boyfriend!!’ continues into ‘worth it,’ ‘you don’t think about me,’ ’till i do,’ and ‘goner.’ girlhouse captures the feeling of longing and wanting to be longed for in ‘worth it.’ ‘you don’t think about me’ radiates the moment of realizing that you’re being cast aside. This song is about the unsettling feeling of red growing. The red from embarrassment, upset, and anger from the truth of not meaning the same to the other person you’re infatuated with and being forgotten. Without a doubt, it’s the veil being removed, and reality is sinking in.

To repeat, it’s a bittersweet ep. With that in mind, it’s also an ep that empowers and encourages others that there is another side. It’s not an easy transition. It’s hazy, and it’s jumbled and full of mourning. Mourning the loss of innocence, the pain, what was, and what could’ve been if things went as romanticized. ’till i do’ is the perfect song that tells that story. ‘goner’ is the last song in girlhouse’s story of surviving is tremendous. ‘goner’ is the aftermath. It’s explicitly the ugly side of leaving an unhealthy relationship. girlhouse writes about the confusion, paranoia, dissociation, and coming to terms with the experience.

Those who are listening and have gone through similar experiences know it’s harder to shake off the person. It’s harder to feel safe, relaxed, and at peace with yourself. You can and do feel like a ‘goner’ until the healing becomes less anxiety-inducing but more I can look at myself in the mirror.

It’s Time To Play This Rocking Surviving Love EP

We have enjoyed listening to this ep so much! It’s an ep with a powerful story and production to match. the fourth ep reminds us that eventually things do begin to shake off, heal, and you can tell your story. Lauren Luiz is an amazing artist who went after her passion career in acting which led to music.

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This is clearly working out for her as the fourth ep is, well, her fourth ep! Lauren Luiz, before becoming girlhouse was in a folk-pop band called WILD. She took on girlhouse as a solo project to express herself in new ways, and it has paid off. We wouldn’t have gotten the fourth ep or have gotten to experience her debut the girlhouse ep (go listen to ‘knuckle tattoo‘), if she didn’t venture into a solo path. 

Her other eps are just as great. You’ll want to listen to the second ep and the third ep. You’ll find a song called ‘paul blart mall cop‘ on the third ep! girlhouse is growing and getting the attention she deserves through her music and touring experiences with Halsey and Sabrina Carpenter!

It’s time for you to let us know what you think about the fourth ep. Comment down below or find us on our socials Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to let us know what your favorite song off the fourth ep is at the moment. We might just share ours if you share yours, so we can talk about girlhouse all day together! 

While you’re here you should hear some more of our bedroom pop indie faves! Or if you’re wanting to see what else is going on in music across all genres, we have what you want here!


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