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Being An ‘Idol:’ YOASOBI For Oshi No Ko’s Opening Theme

Being An ‘Idol:’ YOASOBI For Oshi No Ko’s Opening Theme


Be prepared to raise your penlights and go into the zone with us as YOASOBI blesses our ears with another English version of one of their masterpieces! Since their debut, the duo have always and continuously given us great music. And with that being said, there is no doubt that YOASOBI is the best with their new single about being an ‘Idol’ for the anime series Oshi no Ko‘s opening theme.

YOASOBI’s ‘Idol,’ complementing the anime Oshi no Ko, explores the different facets of being an idol in the Japanese entertainment scene with the use of a bright and catchy tune. And with how legendary that YOASOBI and ‘Idol’ are, it’s no surprise that they reached #1 on Billboard Japan Hot 100.

Last April, YOASOBI released the song in Japanese with a music video, but worry not! This May, they also released the English version of the same title, which you can listen to by tapping here.

Of course, we should not miss this chance for a performance! Stage, already set! Audio, ready! ‘Idol,’ please standby! And you, honeybees, get your cameras ready, because we’re getting snaps of their new single in 3, 2, 1!

Click 1/4:

Couldn’t beat her smile, it stirred up all the media
Secret side, I wanna know it…

These lines show that in the industry, there is always someone who’ll shine and can stand out among members of a group. This captured the situation of Ai Hoshino, the ultimate idol in the Oshi no Ko anime series.

Click 2/4:

That emotion melts all hearts, all eyes on you
‘Cause you are perfect, the most ultimate idol…

With the fan services and even the most ordinary things idols do, it is undeniable that they always have people watching their every moves, and their fans sometimes picture them to be perfect. This perfectly describes Ai Hoshino in her career!

Click 3/4:

There cannot be weaknesses to find
The brightest star is residing in you
The gaps and shortcomings, don’t show’em…

Idols are often regarded as fans’ strength and role models, while fans are important to idols. Hence, Ai Hoshino and other characters of Oshi no Ko tend to transform into ideal people on camera and onstage.

Click 4/4:

I said it at last
I know it’s not a lie as I’m voicing these words
I love you…

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It is worth noting that Ai Hoshino and Oshi no Ko characters, amidst the lies, do pour genuine love!

Meanwhile, we can watch YOASOBI on Beyond LIVE on June 4 at 5 pm JST for their performance in Saitama Arena, as part of their Japan arena tour. There will also be a restream on June 11 at 11 am JST or 10 pm EST for audiences outside Japan. Lastly, this coming August, we can catch YOASOBI at the Head In The Clouds festival in LA!

We here at The Honey POP are big fans of Japanese acts. So, make sure to check out other coverage we have here!

What are your favorite lyrics from ‘Idol?’ Join us on simping over YOASOBI on our Twitter and Instagram!


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