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We’re Just So In Love With The Snuts’ New Single, ‘Gloria!’

We’re Just So In Love With The Snuts’ New Single, ‘Gloria!’

The Snuts are back and better than ever! That’s right; you read the headline correctly, we’ve got new music! *Squeals in stan.* Brand new single ‘Gloria’ (listen to it here) has managed to take over our lives since its release. The Snuts have been making massive waves in the music industry since 2015 and haven’t let us down since. Proving themselves to be nothing other than musical geniuses with every single song, it’s no wonder the boys have managed to infiltrate our lives with ease!

Before we start rambling about the song, we would like to inform you that you can see The Snuts live on tour! Have a look at all the tour dates and find more information here; we hope to see you there!

This song is all about finding the beauty and romance in the most normal of things. As a band, our lives have never really transformed out of the boundaries of normal everyday existence, and we truly value the thoughts and feelings of the average person and how our lives look. We’ve never been more excited to present a song by The Snuts that captures such a raw and genuine intention, whilst making you want to get up and dance with your loved ones.

Jack Cochrane on the thought process behind ‘Gloria.’

From the very first second, the track serves the boys’ iconic indie-rock sound starting off with a blast of guitar riffs, and accompanying heavy drums to get you bopping along! The seamless blend of indie rock, classic Britpop, and modern alternative, forms a sound that is uniquely their own!

Sonically, the track takes us back all the way to the early 2000s with its nostalgic musical elements that give us the best feeling ever! The song moves smoothly between calmer verses and more upbeat, explosive choruses, creating a rhythmic change that keeps listeners captivated from beginning to end!

Lyrically, the song tells us the classic story: boy meets girl, the boy is intrigued by girl, boy falls in love with the girl, and the relationship blossoms into a wonderful, exciting love that originated with a regular interaction! With the story delivered by the raw vocals of frontman Jack Cochrane, the track is only further enhanced and more captivating. We only want to know more about the story at hand … more so, we want to be this so-called ‘Gloria.’

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The Snuts have really hit their stride! With chart-topping and top-three albums under their belts, songs that address issues impacting today’s youngsters, and an army of loving fans throughout the country, these four Whitburn, West Lothian, men are well on their way to becoming one of the most prominent bands in recent years. And with ‘Gloria’ being a certified banger, there is absolutely no doubt there!

That, ladies and gents, is everything you need to know about the incredible track, ‘Gloria!’ We would ask you if you like the track as much as we do, but we already know the answer to that one! So, please do scream about it with us by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or by dancing on over to our Facebook and Instagram!


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