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6 Iconic Niall Horan TikToks To Watch While We Wait For The Show Live On Tour!

6 Iconic Niall Horan TikToks To Watch While We Wait For The Show Live On Tour!

Let’s be real. Who doesn’t love Niall Horan? We’d wait, but we’d be waiting forever. Due to high demand (we aren’t surprised), Niall Horan announced a second date at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne for The Show Live On Tour. (Which btw, we have theories about what the stage could look like.) Tickets are on sale now. What are we supposed to do while we (I) patiently wait for his anticipated album, The Show, set to be released June 9th and the tour that’s a little under a year away? Well, here’s an idea: let’s watch some of his most iconic Niall Horan TikToks. In no particular order, here are our favorites.

“What Filters Should I Try Out Next?”


What filters should I try out next? Getting the hang of this

♬ Meltdown – Niall Horan

One of the many things we love about Niall is how goofy he can be. We understand that some artists only upload TikToks in regard to news about their music. But we love how he uses his music while participating in fun trends. Of course, this man doesn’t need any filter, but we can’t help but giggle.


Honestly, this one is such a mood. We all can relate to this. Also, what if Niall sold “emotional support water bottles” or even just stickers to put on your emotional support water bottle? Hey, Niall. We have a merch idea… call us 👀


This one spoke to us on a spiritual level. Who doesn’t love good old-fashioned finger guns? 👉👉 This is probably one of his most random ones, and we admire him so much for it!

“Pre-save ‘Heaven’ For Clear Skin”


Pre-save Heaven for clear skin

♬ Heaven – Niall Horan

This one is the one we’ve been waiting forever for. He’s finally revealed his skincare routine, and he truly made it look so simple, too. Now we can “look fab, feel fab!” Thanks, Niall!

“#stitch with Lewis Capaldi”

We absolutely love his stitch TikToks. There’s always a “chonce” that people will poke fun at him for his Irish accent. It’s always with love, though. But it was hilarious to hear him try to sing ‘Pointless’ in a Scottish accent. His smile at the end shows that it’s also lighthearted.

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“The Putt Has Spoken…”


The putt has spoken… “Meltdown” is all yours on April 28. Pre-save it now! #newmusic #meltdown

♬ Meltdown – Niall Horan

We know right away from the caption that this is just a ‘Meltdown’ promo. Even so, we couldn’t help but hold out hope for a second. At the time when he uploaded, it we were just like, “The return of Blonde Niall? A tour announcement?!” Unfortunately, we didn’t get either of those things. But at least now, we have a tour to look forward to!

What are some of your favorite Niall TikToks? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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