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P1Harmony Go ALL IN For The Finale Of Their Harmony Series.

P1Harmony Go ALL IN For The Finale Of Their Harmony Series.

P1Harmony just released their latest album Harmony: All In, and we can confirm, they went all in. This project marks the finale of their Harmony series and showcases their impressive artistry having both co-written and co-produced the album. Harmony: All In reflects P1Harmony’s dedication to achieving a harmonious world. And their journey thus far has been nothing short of incredible, with 1.2 million Spotify streams a month, multiple tours, memorable TV appearances including The Kelly Clarkson Show, and impressive collaborations. This is only the beginning for the group.

Whilst we’re sad to say goodbye to the Harmony era, we’re just as excited to celebrate new music. That’s exactly what this album feels like; a celebration. It’s a celebration of the finale to the Harmony series, a celebration of self-love, a celebration of the pursuit of a harmonious world, and a celebration of mastering their superhuman abilities (more on that later.) At The Honey POP! we’re here to join this celebration and explore everything that makes Harmony: All In truly unique.


The title track ‘Jump’ is a song we could listen to “all day and all night.” Plus, if Keeho’s asking us to dance in the lyrics, you bet we’ll be practicing the choreography ‘before the dawn.’ This commanding opener delivers an alternative pop-dance vibe infused with a strong hip-hop influence. The track is full of infectious energy. Jongseob proves he’s the real MVP, and Theo’s smooth vocals in the pre-chorus complement the intense raps.

As P1ece, we noticed the ‘game’ motif throughout the lyrics, and it got us thinking back to their entire discography. In their previous Disharmony era, they aimed to ‘Reset’ the game. During ‘Doom Du Doom,’ they competed in the games. Now, they’re stating the game is over. Perhaps this is a celebration of them achieving the harmonious world they’ve been fighting for. The music video itself feels like a celebration, and the intense choreography is jaw-dropping. It feels as though everything has led to this moment, and we’re jumping along with them because it’s an absolute bop!

‘Love Me For Me’

True to P1Harmony’s signature style, the second song on their albums either offers a feel-good bop or delves into deep and bold experimentation. With Harmony: All In, we’re blessed with the former, which is a perfect way to conclude the Harmony series. This song explains how there are various forms of love in the world, and the most important is how to cherish and love yourself. With members Intak and Jongseob participating in the lyrics and composition of this track, it’s impossible not to love.

‘Love me for me’ is a celebration of self-love and self-confidence sung collectively. Plus, what’s a good album without a few catchy ‘na na na’s’? Vocalist Keeho preaches “there’s nothing like self-love” in the bridge, which hones the positive message. Let’s not forget to mention the crazy high notes coupled with subtle ad-libs and Jiung’s gentle vocals opening the track. This song strikes a perfect balance following the boldness of ‘Jump.’ Another standout point of the song is how each chorus is divided across the vocal line, allowing each member to showcase their individual charms.

‘New Classic’

With a synth-driven hip-hop vibe, P1Harmony has set the new standard, or as we can now say … P1Harmony is the ‘New Classic.’ The song kicks off with the guys in perfect harmony, swiftly followed by a rap-heavy verse. The pre-chorus’s unified vocal line and the lyrics’ uplifting nature remind us of the positive energy this album exudes.

Previously, P1Harmony fearlessly addressed societal issues. Now, they’re celebrating embracing yourself as the protagonist of your own story and overcoming setbacks. ‘New Classic’ highlights everyone’s power to start change. This track shows off the rapper’s versatility as they break boundaries and move beyond their written positions. Also, Soul’s captivating vocals during the bridge level up the entire song. The final chorus itself is set for the stage, and we’re ready to witness Soul’s incredible freestyle skills. A true classic to any P1Harmony performance.

Delving into their lore, the ‘game’ theme reappears. Also, they speak about “doing magic, ” perhaps referring to their superhuman abilities connecting back to their overarching storyline. Within the Plus World lore, each member possesses a superhuman strength; however, this comes with its weakness. The burning question unanswered has been what Soul’s undisclosed ability is. Thankfully this era is gradually unveiling these answers as we see him perform telekinesis in their teaser. 

‘More Than Words’

‘More than words’ combines a dreamlike synth with an afro-beat tune. The lyrics, written by Jiung, Intak, and Jongseob, explore the idea of how love can be expressed in countless ways, and nothing in life is limited to words. Keeho and Jiung also participated in composing this song, and we can see their personal styles come through.

We need ‘more than words’ to describe this song because all the words in the dictionary are simply not enough. We love how the song opens with the vocal line, and the catchy beat makes it our new go-to feel-good anthem. Of course, it wouldn’t be a P1Harmony song without a switch up which is why we’re so impressed by the bridge. Here, the rappers take over, momentarily slowing the song down before building it up again for the final chorus. This song stands out as a unique gem within their discography and shows how P1Harmony are not ‘scared’ to explore different genres. 

‘Heartbeat Drum’

The “melody is peace and harmony” in ‘Heartbeat Drum’ which is a pop dance track co-written by Jongseob and Intak. The song is about embracing the freedom to follow your heart. The pop-rock vibe of this song makes you feel like the main character, and if you pay close attention, you’ll catch the subtle nods to the title track with the counting within the pre-chorus and exhilarating “Jump” before the final chorus kicks in.

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Once again, this song sits as a celebration of giving yourself to the music. The bridge, in particular, is nothing we have ever heard P1Harmony do before and has us in awe with every listen. The rappers push the bridge to its end, and the music completely cuts out before the final chorus kicks in, where the members all sing together collectively in a youthful but intense way. This track would be an incredible addition to their setlist within their upcoming Latin America tour, which kicks off in July.

‘I Am You’

Harmony: All In concludes with a mesmerizing slow-tempo r&b tune. This retro ballad allows their vocals to take center stage in an extremely mature-sounding way. It’s a refreshing song where the rappers embrace a softer, melodic approach. What we have to celebrate is the harmonies throughout this song. P1Harmony are truly living up to their name! Although this song marks the end of the Harmony series, it shows the beginning of their sonic evolution. The conclusion of Harmony: All In, shows just how much all six members have grown as artists and is a testament to the quality of music they produce.

Each member’s voice blends perfectly as ‘I am you’ speaks about how two people can unite, lift and help each other. It feels as though they are speaking directly to us and offering a helping hand with the lyric, “Let me dry your tears tonight.” Pass us the tissues, please. Also, the lyric “Just be you, you never got to change” serves as a reminder of the independence they champion throughout the entire Harmony series.

Harmony: All In is ultimately an album of celebration where the boys have come to accept themselves and their place in the harmonious world they’ve created. In the past, they’ve sung about fighting for their voice in a repressive society, challenged norms, and cried for change. Now, all the pieces fit together in perfect harmony. As the guys have transcended disharmony, they find themselves in a place of perfect harmony, which is everything this project achieves. 

Do you have a favorite song from Harmony: All In that you’re celebrating? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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