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Boyhood Is Full Of Memories, But With The New Six, Is Full Of Beautiful Songs!

Boyhood Is Full Of Memories, But With The New Six, Is Full Of Beautiful Songs!

The New Six Boyhood

The New Six prepared a sneak peek at Boyhood, and we’re still processing how beautiful it is. A five-song ride that feels like a time-traveling experience; with the nostalgia trend on our side, we prepared a review for you. Should we start? 

Boyhood, Memories, and Songs.

TNX shares Boyhood as the third mini album with THX and the world. They brought a new joyful album full of identity, inspiration, and unique style. If you ask us for a favorite song, we can’t decide, let’s check them all, and then you tell us if you could choose. 

‘Kick it 4 Now’

“Nostalgia deja vú, I’m coming back to you”

The main track of this album, and we are out of words. With a catchy choir, the members express the euphoria of being young, the feeling of being able to live, and the joy that friendship brings.
And not to mention Kyungjun and Hwi’s rap, Hyunsoo’s new hairstyle, or the fantastic choreo! It’s the song of the summer!

‘By You’

“Like Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. I just wanna be by you.

From the title, we could anticipate that this is the love song of the EP, but it’s way more than that. TNX managed to make it the mirror of that love stage when you feel the necessity of being with that person 24/7, the deep desires of love, and to let them know that you will always want to be there.

‘Good Day’

“Now show me your moves. Just break all the rules.”

Today is a good day to be a THX and a Honey Pop fan. This song is perfect to be the middle of the EP ’cause it captivates the feeling of youth, where rules are meant to be broken, and just enjoy the moment. No plans, just TNX and us! (and just in case, FYI, Taehun’s voice takes the spotlight on this one!)

‘My bias’

“Never leave my side. Only you can feel my vibe”.

This song might be a little tricky because we can’t decide who our bias is, can you? A song that is sung in unity that transports us to the feeling of first love and the admiration of wanting to be with that person all your life. It’s really a song that connects all K-pop stans and the connection with your bias. It is simply beautiful!

‘1000 Miles’

”I’ll walk I’ll walk 1000 miles. Just to be closer to you”

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Yes, we would fly 1000 miles to be closer to TNX, without a doubt. This song is a pure love song; no matter how hard things might look, if you walk by the side of those you love, you will always be able to go on. Keep on track, it might be 1000 miles, but we’ll be together.

What did you think? Don’t you think this album deserved a review?
We’re excited to keep up with the guys from TNX; come by @thehoneypop and let us know which song was your favorite. Or who is your bias?

Meanwhile, come around our Instagram or Facebook, and keep on streaming The New Six!


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