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Doja Cat Will Always Command Our ‘Attention’

Doja Cat Will Always Command Our ‘Attention’

The rush we get when we find out about a new Doja Cat song is truly unparalleled… until the rush we get when we hear that new Doja Cat song for the first time. Each song she releases somehow manages to top the last one she dropped, and she had some pretty big shoes to fill with this one – her last solo release was the viral ‘Vegas’ in May 2022, and her last release overall was the amazing ‘Kill Bill’ remix with SZA this spring. Even with the bar being so high, we think ‘Attention’ might be Doja’s best song to date!

It’s no secret that Doja has always turned heads, whether it’s wowing fans like us or making random people mad just by existing. Either way, it gets more attention for her art and she’s still immensely successful. That’s what ‘Attention’ is all about in our eyes – it sees Doja calling out people who judge her and try to tear her down without realizing that their clicks and streams are just helping her build her empire. 

With the fame and attention theme in mind, it’s also interesting to think about how different ‘Attention’ sounds from Doja’s previous work. Over the years, we’ve heard her go for more of a pop energy with songs like ‘Say So’ and ‘Woman,’ but ‘Attention’ steers more towards 90s R&B for its chorus. It’s not what you’d necessarily expect from Doja or from a potential radio smash, which just proves her point. Regardless of any expectations, she’s gonna stay winning and breaking new ground for herself and her music. We love to see it! 

“Talk your shit about me, I can easily disprove it, it’s stupid
You follow me, but you don’t really care about the music…”

‘Attention’ might also be our introduction to a new side of Doja Cat in the form of an alter ego named Scarlet – earlier this month, she posted an eerie video to Instagram with strained whispers of “Scarlet, it’s okay, Scarlet” in the background. So when we saw the blood-soaked Doja in the ‘Attention’ music video, naturally, we freaked out! We need to find out what it means. 

🩸 ǝɹǝɥ sᴉ ʇǝlɹɐɔs

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While we think about that, though, we’ll have ‘Attention’ on repeat! What do you think of the song? Do you think Scarlet will be a big part of Doja’s new era? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Doja Cat, because we all need some more Doja in our lives, click here.


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