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JUMPing Into The Spotlight, P1Harmony’s Press Conference Unveils HARMONY: ALL IN And More

JUMPing Into The Spotlight, P1Harmony’s Press Conference Unveils HARMONY: ALL IN And More

If you’ve had HARMONY: ALL IN on repeat, you’re not alone! P1Harmony’s latest release has marked major milestones for the band. After all, it’s the grand finale of their HARMONY series. The boys have achieved incredible things throughout their career so far; starring in their film, collaborating with big names, and dropping hit after hit. Although this project marks the end of an era, it’s the beginning of their unstoppable momentum. At The Honey POP, we’re here for the long ride.

There’s so much to celebrate with their latest release and even more to look forward to. At The Honey POP, we had the opportunity to speak to P1Harmony and join in on these celebrations. Here’s a rundown of the HARMONY: ALL IN conference, including everything from behind-the-scenes song drafts to the upcoming tour.

Wrapping Up The HARMONY series

The conference kicked off with conversations about the end of the HARMONY era. Jongseob began by expressing the team’s satisfaction about concluding the series and their gratitude for the opportunities it’s given them to express themselves.

Reflecting on their entire career, Jiung took a nostalgic trip down memory lane. He highlighted how the previous Disharmony series solidified their beginning in the industry. Through darker themes, they challenged stereotypes and pushed boundaries. However, in the HARMONY series, they were able to shift into a more lighthearted approach and experiment with brighter concepts. Reflecting on their journey and growth, Jongseob acknowledged they had all made huge progress. He went on to explain that the growth was fuelled by the opportunities to perform so frequently on stages worldwide. He also added in the future, fans can look forward to a world beyond harmony with no limits.

The Creative Process Behind HARMONY: ALL IN

We then delved into the behind-the-scenes of creating this album. When asked about their experience experimenting with new musical styles, Intak revealed that the group has the most fun when given creative control over something new. He explained how they love experimenting! He noted that as each member is incredibly aware of their strengths, pushing boundaries feels easier.

Specifically, Jongseob explained he had dedicated considerable time to the track ‘More Than Words.’ He revealed he has four to five different drafts of his verses because of the melodic twist, which was different from his typical sound!

Adding to the mix, Keeho mentioned their explicit approach in this album. He hopes fans enjoy each song for what it is rather than searching for hidden messages.

Fan Favorites

When debating what song from the latest project will become a fan favorite, Jiung revealed fans were quick to love ‘More Than Words.’ When wondering about the reasons behind its popularity, Jiung settled on the song’s resonating message. He explained he feels fans are touched by this song as the members individually put a lot into its craft.

As for Keeho, his intention behind composing and writing ‘More Than Words’ was to show fans that love can be expressed in countless ways and that sometimes a simple hug or “How are you?” holds easily unnoticed power.

On Self-Care

Within HARMONY: ALL IN, the topic of self-love is highlighted in the song ‘Love Me For Me.’ Each member took turns sharing their approach to self-care and positive well-being to celebrate this track.

Jiung revealed he dedicates time to himself by doing his hobbies, such as jewellery making or fishing, as this allows him to “hear himself.” Intak explained he finds solace in reconnecting with the simple things he loves, such as playing games or watching YouTube. Keeho finds journalling to be his form of self-care because it offers him a chance to gain a third-person perspective on his thoughts. Theo likes to boost his self-confidence by immersing himself in things he’s good at. He explained doing this naturally boosts his self-esteem. Jongseob practices self-care on stage, reminding himself that he is the best when doing what he loves. Soul draws motivation from sharing his gaming victories with bandmate Keeho alongside listening to soothing piano and instrumentals.

It’s clear that P1Harmony practice what they preach! We love how their songs encourage fans to notice the importance of self-care.


The conversation moved onto fashion, where the boys were asked which styling best represents their personal fashion preferences. Unanimously, the majority of the members agreed on the ‘Back Down‘ outfits. Intak expressed he likes the clean, traditional fits of the suits, and this matched Keeho’s more laid-back style. Theo and Jongseob agreed they favor the bold Diesel outfits from the ‘Back Down’ era. And, Soul couldn’t resist mentioning his iconic pink hat! On the other hand, Jiung revealed he enjoys the styling from ‘JUMP’ because it allows him to venture beyond his comfort zone, which is something he enjoys doing with fashion.

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With their anticipated Canada and Latin America P1USTAGE H: P1oneer tour approaching, followed by the freshly announced Asia, Australia, and New Zealand dates, the boys took a moment to reflect on their live performances. Theo expressed his love for performing ‘Follow Me’ and said the energy they receive back from fans is incredible, describing the atmosphere as one big celebration. He even suggested taking their water theme to the next level and incorporating some water elements on stage (spoilers?!).

Keeho also shared his pre-show rituals and emphasized the importance of being in good condition. He explained his essential pre-show routine consists of drinking a cup of tea and eating three candies.

A Message To Younger P1Harmony

The conference drew to a close, and the boys were asked what they’d say to their younger selves. Soul lightheartedly chimed in that he should stay in school and do well. Whereas, Jiung opened up and advised his younger self not to take on too much pressure.

The conference ended on a sentimental note, with Jiung expressing his gratitude towards the fans. He acknowledged that without the support from P1ece, the guys would not be able to pursue their passions and be on the stage. The mutual love and respect that P1Harmony and their fans have for each other is so clear, and incredibly heartwarming!

The conference gave us so much to think about and celebrate, but also so much to look forward to as a P1ece. We’re enjoying HARMONY: ALL IN as our form of self-care. What are your favorite P1Harmony moments from this era? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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