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MetLife Stadium Had The Best ‘Visiting Hours’ With Ed Sheeran

MetLife Stadium Had The Best ‘Visiting Hours’ With Ed Sheeran


You know that we can’t stop talking about Ed Sheeran, like, ever. We simply can’t shut up about how cool of an artist he is, especially now that (cue drumroll) he has a new incredible accomplishment! While on The Mathematics Tour, Ed did exactly what we expected from him: he broke a record. During the East Rutherford Metlife Stadium tour dates (June 10 and 11th), Ed Sheeran played to two completely sold-out audiences. This man is simply unstoppable!

MetLife Stadium Got The ‘Shivers’ From Ed Sheeran

MetLife Stadium has a typical capacity of 89,000 during the NFL season. However, that capacity has no match for Ed Sheeran and his devoted fans attending both show nights. The – (Subtract) album singer had over 89,000 attending his shows on both nights. To be precise, Ed Sheeran had 89,106 fans in attendance on both nights. In total, 178,212 fans attended Ed Sheeran on those dates, making it a powerful experience! Yes, Ed, so many people are in love with the ‘Shape of You.’ Shout out to the 360 stage and the floor seats circling it, creating more space for his fans to enjoy one brilliant show. 

For those of us who have been fortunate enough to see Ed Sheeran live, there is not a single bad seat in any venue you attend to see him. Without a doubt, we can imagine how vibrant and alive that experience at MetLife had to be for Ed and the thousands of fans there. Especially when those two nights broke the record of attendees at MetLife Stadium for a concert! 

Image Source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

There’s No ‘Bad Habits’ With Ed Sheeran

Ed has had quite the year so far – From the docuseries on Disney+ to releasing – (Subtract)to his Apple Music Live performance of the new album, and now breaking a new record! It’s super impressive for a man who has won 186 awards out of his over 460 nominations since gaining traction in his career in 2011. We’re entering a new era of Ed that is vulnerable and true to the singer-songwriter. Where vulnerability flows, genuine success seems to follow. And this is one river where Ed can sit in his ‘Boat’ and smoothly sail to enjoy the outcome of his hard work. 

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Isn’t it great to see one of our faves get another huge accomplishment? It’s a whole banner now for Ed in MetLife Stadium; that is hands down amazing. Let us know your thoughts on Ed’s latest achievement on this tour. We would also love to know if you have or are going to see him on The Mathematics Tour or The – (Subtract) TourOr even if you want to share your favorite Ed Sheeran song(s) with us, drop a comment below or find us on our socials; we’re on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter @thehoneypop. We can’t wait to chat with you there! 


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