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Gracie Abrams’ Good Riddance Deluxe + Zodiac Signs, What’s Yours?

Gracie Abrams’ Good Riddance Deluxe + Zodiac Signs, What’s Yours?

Attention Zodiac Baddies and Gracie Abrams Enthusiasts! Have you or someone you care about been wondering what Good Riddance Deluxe song you are based on your zodiac sign? Well, you’re in luck! Here at The Honey POP, we are certified in giving out the answers to all of your problems! 

Okay, in all seriousness, The Honey POP is proud to present you with our picks for what Good Riddance Deluxe song you are based on the date you were born! (Disclaimer: a lot of these songs match with more than one zodiac sign, and your zodiac doesn’t define who you are, this is all for fun, and we love you!)

Aquarius- ‘Amelie’

For all of the Aquarius’ of the world, we love you. You guys are always thinking of what you can do for others. You’re progressive, creative, and innovative. However, this does mean that sometimes your greatness is underestimated and taken for granted.

That is why we chose the song ‘Amelie’ for you lovely water signs! This song is so underrated despite being a single and being one of our favorite songs. Just like you, this song is worth the time!

Pisces- ‘Will you cry?’

If you’re a Pisces, your heart is full of gold. You’re empathetic, inspirational, and full of imagination! When you’re happy, it’s like being around a ball of sunshine, but that also means when you’re sad, you’re sad.

We chose ‘Will you cry?’ for you guys because, in our opinion, it’s perfect. Your mood is often affected by the people around you, and that doesn’t always mean good. ‘Will you cry?’ is the perfect song for our favorite empathic bees!

Aries- ‘405’

Aries is the first sign of the year, and that’s a slay all in itself. On top of being the firstborn of the zodiac, you guys are adventurous and passionate! Your determination never ceases to amaze those around you, including us. (You go, bestie!)

That’s why we chose ‘405!’ The song is about needing to get away from someone. This Good Riddance Deluxe track is about being so determined to forget someone that you’ll go above and beyond, even if it hurts. (Or maybe we’re just crazy.)

Taurus- ‘Full machine’

Taurus, Taurus, Taurus! Our favorite earth sign! Much like Aries, you’re determined. (Sometimes a little too determined.) You’re known to everyone around you as stubborn, and that adds to you being a bit codependent from time to time.

Your stubbornness is exactly why we chose ‘Full machine’ as your song! This song is about dealing with the feeling of codependence and that craving of giving up your life but struggling. Your strength is also your weakness.

Gemini- ‘Where do we go now?’

Oh, Geminis, how we love you, despite you terrifying us. You guys are charming, captivating even. You’re energetic and full of curiosity, something that is often overlooked by the stereotypes your zodiac receives.

‘Where do we go now?’ is often overlooked because it’s a single, and that really hurts us because it’s amazing. Like Gemini’s, this track deserves a big hug and an apology for all the assumptions!

Cancer- ‘I know it won’t work’

Our dear sweet Cancer, how we love you! You guys get a bad rap for being overly emotional, but emotions are good! Like Pisces, you’re extremely empathetic, even if you try to hide it from the work! Your hopefulness does not go unnoticed, you beautiful angels.

‘I know it won’t work’ is all about knowing something isn’t good for you, in this case, a relationship, but still being willing to try. Your hopefulness matches that in this Good Riddance Deluxe track, and we love you for that!

Leo- ‘Fault line’

Leos! Our lion little bees! You’re confident and bold but also generous and inspirational! You’re full of surprises, and that’s one of our favorite things about you guys! That and the bright energy you always seem to be radiating.

Speaking of surprises, ‘Fault line’ was one of the biggest surprises of the entire Good Riddance Deluxe tracklist. Every expectation we had was immediately one-upped. An amazing surprise song for an amazing surprise zodiac!

Virgo- ‘Block me out’

Firstly, how awesome is it that you share a zodiac with Gracie Abrams? (The answer is epic.) On top of sharing a sign with the queen of this article herself, you’re also perfectionists and always willing to lend a helping hand! But your amazing qualities can often be overshadowed by your practicality.

Gracie Abrams wrote ‘Block me out’ specifically for you guys; we’re convinced. The song is all about blocking those inner thoughts that make progressing in life hard. However, sometimes being so practical can get in the way of your happiness, just like the song says.

Libra- ‘I should hate you’

Our fellow Libras, hello! How does it feel to be the best zodiac sign in the world? All jokes aside, you guys are awesome. You’re natural born peacemakers, which we all know is a very important trait to have in fangirls! You’re also super, duper slay! (We’re not just saying that because The Honey POP is also a Libra.. Or are we?)

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You guys are such peacemakers that we picked ‘I should hate you’ for your Good Riddance Deluxe song! The song is about loving someone even after they hurt you, which is totally you! (Us too, but that’s okay!) Your strive for peace is also a gift of forgiveness, so never change.

Scorpio- ‘Unsteady’

The Scorpios of the world deserve the biggest hug ever. You guys are so intense that sometimes it gets seen as malice. (But we know better than that!) You’re independent, sometimes to a fault. Remember, we all need a little help here and there.

One thing about being independent is hiding your feelings and, a lot of the time, being overwhelmed by them! That’s why we thought the perfect song for such a complex water sign like yours would be ‘Unsteady!’ Hiding your feelings can often cause the world to crash around you, and just like the song says, it can leave you so unsteady.

Sagittarius- ‘Two people’

To all the Sagittarius reading this, you’re so cool! You guys are always reaching for experience and knowledge, and we admire the way you think! You’re always changing and adapting, and sometimes the rest of us fall a little behind trying to keep up.

‘Two People,’ the last song on Good Riddance Deluxe, is the perfect song to depict that! You guys are constantly growing and changing, and sometimes the people in your life aren’t. This song, to us, depicts the fear of that happening. Being so afraid of the possibility that one day their changing will stop and yours won’t. 

Capricorn- ‘Best’

We saved the ‘Best’ for last! (We are actually so funny, we promise. Honeybee’s honor.) Capricorns, you guys are ambitious and full of spirit. We could only dream of being as determined and progressive as you guys. But, with your goal to be the best at everything, self-doubt is bound to kick in.

‘Best’ is all about knowing you weren’t your best self, even if it hurts. We know how hard you guys strive for greatness, but nobody’s perfect! This song is a sad but also comforting reality, that always brings you guys to mind!

So, what’s your zodiac sign? Do you agree with our picks? Which songs would you have chosen for each sign? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! You can even join us on Discord and talk with us about all things pop culture!


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