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SHINee Is Back And It Goes ‘HARD’

SHINee Is Back And It Goes ‘HARD’

Honey bees! This is not a drill! Yes, one of our favorite K-POP groups of all time is finally back. SHINee’s back, back, back… Shawols we are crying, screaming, and throwing up right along with you because we know it has been a long two and a half (roughly, okay, we are being dramatic) since the last SHINee comeback and this one was long overdue, and long-awaited.

We have spent the past weekend keeping up with and eating up every little crumb from the long-awaited SHINee WORLD VI concert until we got to watch the official live stream for ourselves on Sunday. Now, this was an out-of-body experience. No one like SHINee for us fr. Of course, noticing Jinki’s absence was unavoidable but the other SHINees always work hard to make up for any absence. SHINee never fails to amaze us.

So obviously, we had our first taste of ‘HARD’ during the concert and what can we say but that it truly goes ‘Hard’ 😉. Yes, we are not gonna pass up on the opportunity to make this pun over and over again. We are just Shawols that were enjoying all the memes around this a whole lot, ok? But let’s focus on ‘HARD’ as it is our newest obsession. (psst stream it here.)

‘HARD’ feels like the exact song we thought SHINee would reprise their ‘DCM’ era with and also like something completely new for the veteran group. But this is the beauty of SHINee, they never fail to reinvent themselves with every single new comeback. No one can do it all like them! This time around with ‘HARD,’ SHINee flex their vocals and unmatched harmonies while giving us some harder, hip hop-focused elements as well. The chorus is the most prominent proof of this.

“We go hard like a criminal, Hard like the beat,…”

The music video is another fun and aesthetically impressive masterpiece. We can’t help but worry about ONEW as he is missing during some of the group shots but we also hope he is recovering and resting well during his hiatus. We miss you Jinki! Overall, ‘Hard’ is everything we could have hoped for. In short: SHINee is just being SHINee, the Princes of K-POP are back, what else can we say?

An Eighth Album Worthy Of Its Title

Obviously, ‘HARD’ is our queen but SHINee never fails to impress us with having albums filled with songs that are each title-track worthy. We decided to pick a couple of our favorites because we can’t just not do that.

‘The Feeling’

Duh, obviously we are going to mention the song SHINee gifted to Shawols for their anniversary. ‘The Feeling’ is just an absolute vibe.


Not to be dramatic, but we basically ascended the moment we heard the first note of this song. The SHINee power is real in this one. ONEW’s high notes… unreal.

‘Like It’

Now those are the SHINee grooves we love so, so much. This song went onto our “having a good time” playlist immediately and we are intrigued to see a choreo for it as well. ‘Like It’ is SHINee-core.

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Room 1st EP

The last song on our short list has to be this jam! We love a good anthem that makes us and SHINee feel themselves. The live performance of this alone sold the song to us NGL.

Okay, we are done for now. How do you feel about ‘HARD?’ What’s your favorite song on the album? You can tell us on our TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, and then we can all cry together about them. Deal?

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