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Disney’s Upcoming Comedy Movie The Slumber Party Reminds Us To Have Responsible Sleepover Parties With Our Besties!

Disney’s Upcoming Comedy Movie The Slumber Party Reminds Us To Have Responsible Sleepover Parties With Our Besties!

Another Disney release, another slay! We all know that Disney is pro at streaming movies and television series that scream fun and excitement! The past few months have been good to us, blessing us with some good movie releases. We can’t help but check out Disney’s newly-released trailer for one of their upcoming original movies, The Slumber Party. This comedic coming-of-age movie is arriving on Disney Channel on July 27 and on Disney+ on July 28, which is just the following day! If you’re like us and just can’t wait for the showing of this fresh storyline movie, we’re here for you! The Honey POP has the complete deets covered for everyone!

What The Slumber Party Is All About

The beginning of the trailer for the upcoming film is chaotic, but in an entertaining way! The characters, including Megan, Paige, and Veronica, were confused AF about what the heck happened to them. It turns out that the night before, they had a sleepover birthday bash for their good friend named Anna Maria. When they woke up the next day, their memories were suddenly gone like a bubble, with Anna Maria already missing!

The Slumber Party talks about the aftermath of Megan, Paige, and Veronica’s night when Anna Maria went missing the next day. The remaining kids now have to investigate their previous shenanigans and find Anna Maria. Later on, we find out that the group of friends actually entertained a hypnotist named Mesmer during the sleepover. With that, Mesmer performed hypnosis on the circle, saying, “be your most authentic selves, void of inhibitions.” And girl, they did! The following morning brings us to chaotic and unexplainable situations that the girls got into. The upcoming Disney original movie is actually based on the famous YA novel written by Jen Malone, The Sleepover!

The Ensemble Cast

The Slumber Party features Gen-Z actors and actresses as the main characters, which gives the movie a fresh and youthful depiction. Darby Camp stars as Megan, Emmy Liu-Wang as Paige, Valentina Herrera as Anna Maria, and Dallas Liu as Mikey, as well as Alex Cooper Cohen as Veronica and Ramon Jose Rodriguez as Jake. We also have Tituss Burgess to star as Mesmer, Paula Pell as Principal Petersen, and lastly, Caroline Valencia as Penny. We can’t wait to see them on our screens!

The Slumber Party is directed by Veronica Rodriguez, who also directed Let’s Get Merried, and written by Eydie Faye. The film is produced by Imagine Kids+Family, with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard serving as executive producers alongside Stephanie Sperber and Jennilee Cummings. Imagine Kids+Family also had a production partner for this Disney movie – Jake Fuller, Tony Hernandez, and John Hodges for Jax Media. What an incredible team!

Image Source: Disney

Have you seen The Slumber Party’s trailer yet? If not, you should check it out right now! And if you did, tell us through @thehoneypop on Twitter if the upcoming Disney movie seems like it’s gonna heal your inner child. You can also hit us up and come back to our Facebook and Instagram when you’re finally seeing the movie. We’ll be waiting. 😉

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