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First Weekend Of Summerfest 2023 Is In The Books! Here’s What You Missed!

First Weekend Of Summerfest 2023 Is In The Books! Here’s What You Missed!

Summerfest is celebrating its 55th anniversary with one of the most jam-packed lineups ever! If you’re from the Midwest and looking for fun, food, and fantastic music, Summerfest, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is the festival for you!

Taking place over three weekends, artists from Noah Kahan to The Pretty Reckless come out and give us everything they’ve got! (Which is a lot.) We’ve officially wrapped up the first weekend, and of course, we here at The Honey POP! have to tell you our favorite performances! 

Image Source: Courtesy of Summerfest

Noah Kahan Has All Our Love!

Starting off with probably our favorite performance of the weekend, Noah Kahan came out on the Summerfest U.S. Cellular Connection Stage and absolutely killed it! He started the night off with ‘All My Love’ and ended it with ‘Stick Season,’ and if you think we didn’t scream along to every single word, you’re wrong.

Noah’s performance was so captivating, and his introductions to each song showed us who he really was! We were so happy to see so many fans singing along to every song, and we hope Noah was too! This set was one to remember, hands down.

Image Source: Courtesy of Summerfest

Tornillo Was On Fire!

We sadly didn’t get to see much of Tornillo’s set, but from what we’ve seen, he did not come to disappoint! No matter what language you speak, one thing is for sure: His talent is universal!

On top of his talent, his crowd work was phenomenal! From what we saw from the fans, he welcomed a lot of them on stage to enjoy the set with him. If that’s not iconic, then we’re not The Honey POP! (Get it, because we are The Honey POP!)

Image Source: Courtesy of Summerfest

Adam Melchor, You’ve Gained Some New Fans!

Just like we were only able to catch the beginning of Tornillo’s performance, we were only able to catch the ending of Adam’s. While waiting in one of the many merch lines that Summerfest had, we were able to be blown away by his vocals!

One thing we love about browsing the Summerfest stages is finding artists that have been hidden from us thus far, and that’s exactly what happened with Adam Melchor. You can bet we added him to our Spotify the second we got home, and you should too.

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Image Source: Courtesy of Summerfest

The Fun Doesn’t End There!

If you think this weekend has been a whirlwind of iconic sets, new friends, and super cute merch, just wait for next weekend! While we’re sad we won’t be able to make it, we know you’ll have the time of your life.

Artists like The Pretty Reckless and Mitchell Tenpenny are set to absolutely dominate the stage in the following weekends! If you’re not there, are you really living? Wanna get tickets? Obviously, we’ve got you covered! Click the link right here. (Go on, click it.)

Were you able to make it out to the first weekend of Summerfest? If so, did you have a great time? Who was your favorite artist? If not, are you gonna make it out to the final two weekends? What artist are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! You can even join us on Discord for the uncut fangirl fun!


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