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Spill Your ‘GUTS’ Olivia Rodrigo Style

Spill Your ‘GUTS’ Olivia Rodrigo Style

Under the all-star allocated commercials appearing in the Superbowl’s half-time, Rakuten made those first few piano keys from Supergrass’s ‘Alright’ infamous again by matching it up to Alicia Silverstone or, you know, for the 90s babies, Cher Horowitz saying, “Don’t bug, your girl is back.” It was time to dust off those Chanel plaids and step back into a utopia where computers synched up to one’s wardrobe, allowing them to see what those fresh fits would look like before appearing on their bods. Well, in a similar fashion, swapping out the yellows for the purples, Olivia Rodrigo has used that sound to welcome her new era, GUTS. 


my sophomore album GUTS comes out september 8th! u can presave now❤️‍🩹🖤💜

♬ original sound – mememosa

As seen above, the video showcases various shots of our Liv being Liv, sticking her tongue out, posing under wall-hung television screens. If you thought there wasn’t time for work between having fun, there’s even a piano in the middle of a dead road. GUTS comes out on September 8th, which feels lightyears away, but that’s an entirely other conversation because we’re so stuck on its name! 

For me, this album is about growing pains and trying to figure out who I am at this point in my life. I feel like I grew 10 years between the ages of 18 and 20—it was such an intense period of awkwardness and change. I think that’s all just a natural part of growth, and hopefully the album reflects that.

Olivia Rodrigo

Let’s Get Gutsy

Where have we heard of it before? Olivia, for one, notes its various definitions in her Apple Music 1 interview with Zane Lowe, going from it being used when one has a gut feeling about something, hence our intuition, then there’s also spill your guts. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, we’ll backtrack on why this definition is important. It spelled out this very word on a photo where magazine cutout letters had fans guessing what the album could be named. Are we all caught up? Cool.

It was so gutsy for Liv’s team to have us on our red string draw-boards like that; guessing what the album name could’ve been that spill your guts also applies to something else that’s gutsy. James Cordon’s Spill Your Guts segment! There’s a spinning table in front of him and other guests, rotating with various disgusting foods, and either they eat them or have to answer a completely off-kilter question. We thought to celebrate Olivia’s album; we’d stay in that unhinged territory and do a GUTS-style version of this game. Wanna play? 

Round One: ‘drivers license’

As with all things in this game, we’re going to provide that Olivia Rodrigo spin, and in this case, those particular foods she’d straight away pull from the menu will be given a horrible take. The first one is Macaroni Grill’s mac and cheese. In an interview with Seventeen magazine, she notes the meal as one of her favorites, having it every time she blows out the birthday candles for a new year. Of course, if you have one of these establishments near you, then you grab one first hand, but even a simple microwave mac and cheese would do it, as long as the added ingredient of cockroaches is added. We said we’d make it extra tasty. 

Want to spin the food board right around on this turn? No worries. All you’d have to answer is: when was the last time you took a trip around your exe’s neighborhood? You must have seen it coming if “’Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street” is a gold-star lyric off of ‘drivers license.’ 

Round Two: ‘deja vu’

Apparently, Olivia loves a good Taco Bell run as much as we do, and she said such to Robby Cruz on 107.9 FM radio. What’s her order of choice, though? Good question, and one that she has answered with, “I get a crunch wrap with refried beans instead of meat, no cheese, and no sour cream, and a Baja Blast Freeze.” You probably know where we’re going with this, and we’re going to apologize for it now. No, the beans aren’t replaced with anything, but we’re thinking of shaking it up a little by adding ghost pepper hot sauce or anything in your kitchen that’d have your eyes watering. If you have the taste buds to continue on, we salute you. The hot sauce in question, though, is made from Bhut Jolokia and Naga Jolokia peppers, aka some of the hottest in the world!

If you’re passing on the dare, then that means you’re up for the truth, and this one draws inspiration from ‘deja vu,’ a tune where Olivia details her old boo playing out the ways that he courted her on someone else. This leads us to our question, has there been a time when you’d laid out the same date to two different people, and if so, explain it in detail? 

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Round Three: ‘good 4 u’

The only thing that aged well in this combo is the music video that we’ve chosen for its associated question, ‘good 4 u.’ But for now, Olivia’s third meal she’d eat on any given day is a lumpia which is a Filipino egg roll. Speaking of eggs, how about a 1000-year-old one? Okay, so maybe they haven’t aged that badly, but it’s still within a few weeks to months. After being preserved in saline solution, clay, and salt, their texture becomes creamy and is not something you’d want to replace the other egg within the lumpia, but it is an option.

The other choice is to answer a truth. Before we say what that is, ‘good 4 u’ is like the easter egg (you’re going to shrivel up anytime you read that word now, we’re sure of it) to ‘Vampire’ as Olivia’s seen in moonlit waters towards the end of it, grinning with red eyes. Creepy, huh? Earlier on in the music video, Olivia’s seen at the gas station buying gasoline and Smartfood white cheddar popcorn… what is your guilty pleasure grocery order? 

Did you have the GUTS to play along with us? No foul if you didn’t. This game isn’t for the lighthearted, and with ‘Vampire’ already shocking us in all the best ways, we have a feeling that this album won’t be either. Be sure to keep an eye out on Olivia’s official store as there are both vinyl and signed copies going out depending on your particular residing country, and if you just need someone to shout about it with, you can do so with us by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

Or you can scroll through our Facebook and Instagram pages where you can find Olivia articles galore, like this one where we go through her previous album SOUR. 


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