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Escape Into The Romantic Setting Of Italy With Ciao For Now By Kate Bromley

Escape Into The Romantic Setting Of Italy With Ciao For Now By Kate Bromley

Do you love to travel? Then this summery rom-com is for you! Ciao for Now by Kate Bromley combines the fast-paced world of the fashion industry and an enemies-to-lovers romance that you can’t miss!

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Summary: With her thirties rapidly approaching and a mountain of student debt looming over her, Violet Luciano’s dream of finishing design school and working in fashion has cost her everything. So when she lands an internship at an up-and-coming fashion brand in Rome, she brings her A game to Italy. With nothing left to lose, Violet plans to win the competition among the interns for the ultimate prize—a job at a New York label.

But when a coffee run goes wrong and Violet accidentally destroys a stranger’s laptop, all of the apology Americanos in the world won’t help her. Because it turns out that the man from the café is Matteo, her professor’s eternally grumpy son, who thinks she’s a clumsy American…and maybe a stalker. Their animosity (and undeniable chemistry) grows as together they’re forced to face a summer of chic parties, adventures through Rome and sharing a home…with the person they can’t stand the most.

The more time she spends with him, the more distracted she finds herself. With her chance to win the competition slipping out of her grasp, Violet has to decide whether to say ciao to Matteo—or ciao to her dreams.

Content Warnings: death of a parent

A Beautiful Setting

We don’t know about you, but we are in need of a vacation! Luckily Ciao for Now delivered when it came to atmospheric settings. Each description was more beautiful than the last and we could easily picture ourselves sitting on a patio in Rome with Violet. Not only did they explore the city, but they also visited beautiful tourist spots that made us swoon. Now we’re dying to visit Italy to see all the sights for ourselves.

An Adorable Romance

Do you love witty banter? Then Violet and Matt are the couple for you! The addicting enemies-to-lovers romance had us constantly smiling. Even though they constantly bickered in the beginning, we could immediately sense their chemistry. The slow progression from strangers to something more kept us constantly engaged. Plus, we loved seeing how they opened up to each other and grew as people by sharing their experiences.

The Exciting World Of Fashion

We’ve always been fascinated with the fashion industry so we were super excited to get a behind-the-scenes look through Violet’s internship. The competition element was intriguing, especially the outfit design aspect. We learned a lot about what goes into a fashion brand, including the various jobs and departments. We also enjoyed the friendship between Violet and her fellow classmates. Seeing them support each other was inspiring!

Set in the romantic setting of Italy, Ciao for Now by Kate Bromley perfectly captures the feeling of summer, and what it means to follow your dreams.

Grab your copy of Ciao for Now here!

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