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Celebrate ‘Do It Like That’ With Our TXT & Jonas Brothers Summer Playlist!

Celebrate ‘Do It Like That’ With Our TXT & Jonas Brothers Summer Playlist!

Two of the biggest groups in the world have just collaborated, and you expect us to be calm about it? You’ve come to the wrong place! The song of the summer just dropped thanks to TXT and Jonas Brothers’ new release ‘Do It Like That,’ and we’ve lost our cool.

With these worlds colliding, we figure there will be a lot of MOA being introduced to the Jonas Brothers, as well as plenty of Jonatics getting to know TXT! We adore both artists and pretty much never stop talking about them, so we’ve got the introductions covered.

Left to right, top to bottom: Beomgyu, Soobin, Huening Kai, Kevin, Yeonjun, Nick, Joe, Taehyun. You’re welcome.

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‘Do It Like That’ is already in the running for the song of the summer with its bright, infectious energy. In fact, the song manages to be a perfect blend of the Jonas Brothers and TXT’s energies too! With these two musical-masterminded groups combining, plus Ryan Tedder producing the track, how could this be anything short of iconic? Both groups are known for their ability to blend genres seamlessly, as well as give us the vibes we need to get us through tough times. And if not tough times, their music is still perfect to help us cope with the heat as summer kicks in!

So, without further ado, let us present to you the TXT and Jonas Brothers songs you need on your summer playlists ASAP!

‘No Rules’

One of TXT’s best choreos, one of TXT’s best songs, and one of the best summer anthems, period! ‘No Rules’ might be a track from an album called FREEZE, but that’s the last thing it makes us do. The retro-style song gives us a little groove and funk, putting us in a great mood even if tubatu are singing about feeling lost and living in a confusing world.


When the Jonas Brothers broke the internet with their iconic reunion back in 2019, ‘Sucker’ instantly became a staple to our playlist that year, especially during the summer! Returning to the music scene as men, the bros wrote a song about their significant others with a pop-meets-funk bass-heavy banger sprinkled with a few rock vibes. It’s fun, exciting and makes it so difficult to keep still while listening. This song is perfect for bright days, road trip soundtracks and an essential inclusion for any kind of summer party.

‘Our Summer’

‘Our Summer’ is a bright and cheerful b-side from TXT’s debut mini-album, The Dream Chapter: Star. This electro-beat synth-pop number feels like the soundtrack to a montage of summer memories, with an entrancing chorus that will be ingrained into your memory. The love and appreciation for this song has recently been reignited thanks to it being the closing song on TXT’s current tour ACT: SWEET MIRAGE, making more sweet memories with the members and MOA in our magical moment together. *Wipes eyes.* Ahem, moving on…


“Feeling hot like the late night summer of last year.” This playlist is basically creating itself at this point. Here begins our official petition for the Jonas Brothers to release a new version of ‘Cool’ that name drops TXT alongside Jane Fonda, Post Malone, and James Dean. They’re just as iconic in our eyes! Despite its title, ‘Cool’ is everything we want to embody in the hot weather. Come on, who doesn’t wanna feel so cool that even stoplights look like palm trees? Talk about manifesting those summer vibes!

‘Blue Hour’

Even though this song dropped in the colder seasons, ‘Blue Hour’ has been heating up our summers ever since as it continues to find its way back onto our summer soundtracks every year. This dreamy pop track infused with retro disco vibes is full of groove and bursting with compelling hooks that are a welcome earworm, in our opinion. Entwined with serotonin, we dare you to try not to smile when listening to this. It’s impossible. If only the music video version with the breakdown was available on streaming services because it truly takes the song to another level.

‘Burnin’ Up’

Any Jonatic would be furious if we didn’t include this golden oldie, and rightfully so! Serving as the lead single from the Jonas Brothers’ third studio album, A Little Bit Longer, this pop-rock bop gave the trio their first top five on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed as their highest-charting song until ‘Sucker’ dethroned them in 2019. Fifteen years later, this song still gets all the hype it deserves from fans, both old and new alike. It’s a great pick for karaoke, or road trip sing-alongs, with bonus points if you can ace Big Rob’s rap.

‘Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock)’

The summer K-POP song to end all others! This afrobeats-influenced track gives us all the energy we need for the summer and definitely makes us wanna dance rather than become rocks! (Sorry, TXT). A highlight of the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE setlist, the members performing ‘Tinnitus’ is the perfect representation of us sweltering in a heatwave. Sort of…

‘Summer Baby’

“You feel like summer, baby…” Come on, you think we’d leave this bop out? From their newest album, The Album, ‘Summer Baby’ has the same infectious energy as ‘Do It Like That!’ This track is all about the joy of still catching feelings for the person you’re in a relationship with, so if you love the sentiment behind ‘Do It Like That,’ you’ll love this one too!

‘Ice Cream’

Now how could we not include ‘Ice Cream?’ A staple snack during the warmer weather, there was no question about including this bop on our summer playlist! This funky, nostalgic b-side may sound sugary sweet, but like many TXT songs, it has a darker narrative, with Soobin explaining during the comeback showcase that it’s about “small happiness that comes from mean thoughts.” But let’s be honest, it’s hard not to bust a move, even if just a head bop, to this infectious melody.

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Maybe we’re just ‘Suckers’ for nostalgia, but ‘S.O.S’ takes us back to our younger days, making us reminisce on our Disney Channel binges of DCOMs with the music videos in between. School was out, and being a Disney Channel fanatic was in. ‘S.O.S’ is the perfect blend of boyband and pop-punk that was perhaps our first taste of music from bands, and though any Hollywood Records artists at the time were pretty family-friendly, we felt like little rebels blasting songs from the Jonas Brothers album. Nowadays, we bask in the fond memories and feel proud that our love for the JoBros was, in fact, not a phase. We told you, Mom!

‘Do It Like That’

With how iconic this track and collab is, we think it’s only right that it hits the top spot in all your playlists, including this one. ‘Do It Like That’ has incredible energy and is a great example of how both TXT and the Jonas Brothers are great at genre-blending! Plus, with a music video as crisp and clean as Yeonjun’s 90s suit, how could you not love this track?

Are you as obsessed with ‘Do It Like That’ as we are? Got a fave JoBros or TXT song we need to hear? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or, if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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