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Niall Horan Invites Us To Get A Taste Of His Love In ‘On A Night Like Tonight’ (Live) Vevo Extended Play

Niall Horan Invites Us To Get A Taste Of His Love In ‘On A Night Like Tonight’ (Live) Vevo Extended Play


Hey there Lovers, Niall Horan has done it again! He has been found guilty of stealing hearts and our minds with his new album, The Show. The 10-track album is full of beautiful storytelling that opens a door into Niall Horan’s life more than ever. The Show is a snapshot into Niall Horan navigating romance, mental struggles, reflection on life, and so much more. It’s an album that feels very homelike and comforting. Now in addition to this album that feels like your favorite warm cardigan, you can enjoy a few of these songs recorded live now as Vevo Extended Plays. 

Image Source: Courtesy of High Rise PR

Niall Is Giving The Show The Special Treatment It Deserves In The Vevo Extended Plays

Niall Horan’s live recordings are so special as it does feel like it is you and him in the room only. It must be Niall’s demeanor that creates a relaxing atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re sinking into a comfortable cloud after you hit play. Or that you’re lounging with your eyes closed in a hot lavender-scented bubble bath. Either relaxing scenario or whatever relaxing scenario you picture, that’s Niall Horan’s aura. His aura is why we love him so much, it’s just so ‘Heaven’ly. These are fun videos to watch or listen to in various settings that will give you a glimpse into how a few of the songs from The Show will sound live on his upcoming tour

Image Source: Courtesy of High Rise PR

Niall has gifted us Lovers with 4 Vevo Extended Plays for us to sit back, relax, and enjoy. This is content that we are eating up! He knows us so well and is keeping us Lovers fed. We are enjoying seeing people’s reactions and we are sure that he is too. You can’t log into Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or even Threads now without someone talking about how much they are loving The Show and his smooth voice in these videos.

“On A Night Like Tonight, Are We Just Two Stars Passin’ By?”

It’s time to stop hearing us talk about these must-see performances by Niall and time for you to go watch them! You’ll find ‘The Show,’ ‘You Could Start A Cult,’ ‘Meltdown,’ and the newest, ‘On A Night Like Tonight.’

Image Source: Courtesy of High Rise PR

The most recent one, ‘On A Night Like Tonight,’ has such a gorgeous romantic mood setting inside a house. ‘On A Night Like Tonight’ needed to be in a low-lit small space such as a house to feel more intimate. The setting needed to match the tone and lyrics of the song: sultry, intimate, romantic, and passionate. We fell in love with the setting and Niall Horan even more!

Let us tell you, this setting has transported us to daydreams about what time hanging out with Niall Horan would be like. We don’t think he’s always in the kitchen jamming with his band, but we wouldn’t complain if we could hear these gems live in person! A chill, music-filled evening with Niall would be making us all think, “my wildest of dreams, takin’ on a new life.” Don’t just take it from us, you need to watch ‘On A Night Like Tonight’ and the rest of Niall Horan’s Vevo Extended Plays. 

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“I Hope We Still Dance Like We’re Fallin’ In Love…”

While you’re jamming out over those videos and mentally picturing what The Show Live On Tour will sound like, Lover to Lover, we have to know which of the live recordings you enjoyed the most. We know it’ll be hard to pick a favorite as they are all so good! However, we all know that you have a favorite, so spill the truth!

You can let us know below in the comments! Or you can find us on our socials to keep the conversation going. We all know we love an excuse to talk about Niall Horan! You can find us on Twitter @thehoneypop, Instagram, Threads, and Facebook. Let’s continue the convo on these live videos, Niall’s tour, and Niall Horan, always. 


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