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Exclusive Interview: Gabi Goldman Talks Her Debut ‘Body Heat’ And What’s Next

Exclusive Interview: Gabi Goldman Talks Her Debut ‘Body Heat’ And What’s Next

Honey bees we got a new Swedish pop-r&b princess for you! Gabi Goldman is fresh on the scene, and we are already Gabinators! Yes, we just made up a fandom name on the spot, but that’s how much we love this singer already.

Gabi Goldman has now two singles under her belt, her debut ‘Body Heat’ has kept us company until ‘Few Good Friends’ just dropped and it’s all just so good! Want to know more about this amazing artist? Then read on! (psst make sure to watch the precious TikTok as well because this was us as well coming up for the questions for you Gabi! <3)

Hi Gabi! First of all congrats on your debut single ‘Body Heat’ it has not moved from our playlist since the first time we listened to it. How does it feel to finally have your debut out there? 
Wow, that made my day, thank you so much! It feels surreal but also the right time, I’ve been preparing for this my whole life, it feels like.

‘Body Heat’ is an empowering and sensual song about self-love. What was a moment in your life that you learned for the first time that self-love is important?
Probably during times of being very hard on myself and not really loving myself. There comes a point where you either have to work on yourself and get yourself out of that shit hole or just stay in it, which can be convenient sometimes too (for writing etc). I’m not settling with feeling bad about myself though, so I’m putting in the work.

Speaking of self-love, how do you treat yourself on self-care/love days? What is your comfort place? 
I would say just having zero obligations, only making plans like being with your best friend, having a session with people you’re comfortable with, having breakfast for dinner, workout or take a dance class, binge watch love island and staying up late watching the moon and enjoying the silence.

We absolutely love the artistry that is already shining through your music and your Instagram’s aesthetic is already goals. If we could see your music what color scheme do you think it’d have? 
THANKS, I’ve been working hard on that, the visuals aspect is super important to me and that the whole vibe is coherent. I would say the world we built up is giving dark green, red/orange, black and silver with both warm and cold tones.

Your pen is already very telling of your writing style. Where do lyrics come to you the easiest? How do you combat writer’s block?
I get inspired by things I’m going through personally, everything from heart ache, self doubt, self love, life.. I would say a good collaboration, writing with someone who gets you, gets what you’re going through and that you vibe with. Don’t push it but always write something, even if it’s sh*t.

Image Source: Elis Lindsten

“You’re just my late night bite, on a Saturday high, when my words are real smooth, ‘cause the drinks were real nice” is one of our favorite lyrics by you so far. What’s your favorite lyric you have ever written, released or unreleased? 
I have Victoria Zaro to thank for that. She wrote that verse, and indeed, it’s amazing. I really love “if your phone rings just ignore it, it’s probably me drunk again, I get moments of Nostalgia, and i wonder if you feel the same” from a song coming out later this year. That’s as real as it gets.

You already had the chance to work with renowned producers on your music. What was that experience like? What advice did they give you? 
It’s been an amazing experience…I would say to be your own biggest fan and stay true to your authentic self , always stay humble and be open minded. Don’t be afraid to push your limits, you never know what’s gonna come out of taking that risk.  

Image Source: Elis Lindsten

We heard from a little birdie that your next bop ‘Few Good Friends’ is coming this July. We honestly can’t wait. What’s the story behind this song? 
Aghh, same! ‘FGF’ is my favorite right now! I was just fed up with people pleasing and putting on a face, trying to behave and act like someone I’m not. And the importance of having people around you that make you feel like you don’t need to act up or pretend. You need a non judgemental safe space somewhere and mine is my with my friends

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‘Few Good Friends’ is bound to be on top of our playlist. If you had to curate a playlist around this song who would be on it? 
I would say Raye, Mahalia, Post Malone, Miguel, SZA, Yebba, Snoh Aalegra,  BLENDA, Nao, the list goes on.

Amy Winehouse seems to be a huge inspiration to you. What’s your favorite song by her? If you could cover and release one of her songs as your own, which one would it be? 
Yup, I have her photograph staring right at me every day in my living room. It’s a no brainer. ‘I’m no good’ I’ve already done plenty of acoustic 3am Amy covers when I’m all up in my feels. One day I will do a proper one. That’s for sure. 

And lastly, with almost two singles under your belt, what’s next in 2023 for Gabi Goldman?
Just me taking over! Authentic pop/ R&B realness. Really want to incorporate more visual projects too, and dancing. That’s something I’m passionate about. Really excited to introduce the rest of the world to mine. 

Are you with us in the Goldman cult already? Yes? Then what you think about the two songs Gabi has already given to us! Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!


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