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ENHYPEN Songs As Pokemon Types, Inspired By New Song ‘One and Only’

ENHYPEN Songs As Pokemon Types, Inspired By New Song ‘One and Only’

We at The Honey POP are diehard ENGENEs. We are also huge Pokémon fanatics. So when the ENHYPEN x Pokémon collab came out, we were over the moon! Personally, we think Pokémon should go a step further and have ENHYPEN do an entire game soundtrack. We’re just saying. In the meantime, we do have some ENHYPEN x Pokémon ideas, like ENHYPEN songs as Pokémon types.

‘One and Only’

But first, let’s talk about the song that started it all: ENHYPEN’s ‘One and Only.’ It’s so fun and upbeat that it’s impossible not to like it. The music video is absolutely adorable. The song itself already transports us into the Pokémon realm, so the music elevates it further. We could definitely see it being the opening track to a Pokémon movie to set the tone and feature the main character.

Psychic Type — ‘Fever’

This song is absolutely hypnotic. The beat is catchy, and their vocals keep pulling you in. If we were in the middle of a Pokémon battle and this song came on, it would definitely distract us and put us in a trance. If Espeon learned ‘Fever,’ it would be game over.

Electric Type — ‘Blockbuster’

This song goes from 0 to 100. And by that, we mean the very first second it starts. The guitar truly electrified the song, like Pikachu using Thunderbolt. We could definitely picture this song being played in an Electric gym.

Fighting Type — ‘Drunk-Dazed’

‘Drunk-Dazed’ has such powerful vibes, which is why we think it perfectly captures the essence of fighting-type Pokemon. We can definitely see them crushing their opponents in a battle. It could also be a really cool battle song since it’s so high-energy. It gives you an added boost of adrenaline.

Water Type — ‘Given-Taken’

The instrumentals give it such a calming energy. Even though water can be incredibly powerful, it can also be healing. We can picture riding a Lapras in the serenity of the sea while listening to this song.

Fairy Type — ‘Polaroid Love’

We’re obsessed with this love song. Like fairy-type Pokemon, it’s so cute and cheery. You just want to sing this song with a loved one. Kind of like how Clefairy sing and dance under the full moon together.

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What do you think of these song choices and Pokémon type pairings? Do you have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!


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