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These Zayn Songs Make Us Want A ‘Love Like This’

These Zayn Songs Make Us Want A ‘Love Like This’

At long last, Zayn is back and we could not be more excited! Dropping his first music project in two years, ‘Love Like This’ is a summer banger that also marks the Bradford born’s debut single since signing with Mercury Records. Moving away from his signature classic R&B style, Zayn jumps on the latest trend of UK Garage for the sound of his new single, and we are absolutely here for it. In his comeback single, he sings about being in a new and committed relationship, being carefree about any kind of risk. Zayn perfectly captures the excitement and thrills of the beginnings of being with someone new.

From his three studio albums and one mixtape, Zayn has compiled quite a beefy solo discography that truly delves into deep emotions. One emotion we connect to a lot when listening to Zayn’s music is love. He really does put all of himself into his songs and when Zayn sings about love, we can feel it in our own hearts, even if we don’t direct it to anyone in particular. ‘Love Like This’ is no different and meshes really well with his other romantic songs, which had us thinking: “Which are the most romantic Zayn songs?” Come and take a look at THP HQ’s picks…

‘Let Me’

Serving as the leading single from his 2018 sophomore album Icarus Falls, Zayn captures these heart-glowing feelings of lust turning to love in this smooth R&B track. Zayn urges his lover to let him be their man for life in ‘Let Me,’ and honestly, it has us a tad envious because who doesn’t want their partner serenading them with the promise of being there forever? We suppose we’ll have to stick to fanfics for the time being.


Let’s be honest: how could we not include ‘Pillowtalk?’ Kickstarting off his solo career, and the lead single off his 2016 debut album Mind Of Mine, Zayn took a more mature approach to his music compared to the softer innuendos from his One Direction days. At the time, this took us back a little in the best way possible. This sexy song focuses on the passionate, raw, and physical side of love and how the whole experience can be cathartic when connecting to your lover, including that pillow talk, and morning-after experience.


Featuring as an album track on Icarus Falls, ‘Natural’ is a slow-burning song fueled with lust that sings about how naturally Zayn and his lover connect. This sensual song fused with steady bass and slow groove is definitely a strong candidate for your more passion-fueled playlists… and to sing proudly out of tune in the car or on karaoke because those high notes are not for the faint-hearted.

‘When Love’s Around’ ft Syd

‘When Love’s Around’ is the first feature on Zayn’s third album, Nobody Is Listening, released in 2021 with LA native Syd. This laid back funky track is sure to get your hips swaying as Zayn pines over his lover and once again imagines the long-term future that he envisions for them, and Syd’s vocals truly compliment his, blending really well together. Honestly, Zayn is such a romantic, we love to see it!

‘Back To Life’

Another song from Icarus Falls that makes us swoon is ‘Back To Life.’ This snappy beat-backed song sings about his gratitude towards his lover for helping him face his battles with anxiety. Having a partner who accepts your struggles and supports you through them is a real sign of love, and the feeling of them being someone to lean on is like no other, so it’s no surprise Zayn felt the need to dedicate a song about it.

‘Stand Still’

‘Stand Still’ is a beautiful and mesmerizing song about having an invincible love for someone, and uses natural elements to illustrate how this love can survive in any climate and hardship it may face. He goes on to say he only has eyes for this person and will essentially move heaven on earth to be with them as he yearns for his lover. It’s such a soft and airy melody but weaved with strong and heavy claims and honestly, we long for a love like this. Be still, our beating hearts!

So there you have it: Zayn Malik is, in fact, a true romantic and knows how to sum his love up in a million ways through song. We’re going to listen to ‘Love Like This’ on repeat and sing our sorrows away over the fact we’ll never be on the receiving end of Zayn’s heartfelt songs get hyped for whatever upcoming projects he may be dropping next.

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‘Love Like This’ is out now

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