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Our Love For Jenna Raine’s ‘It Is What It Is’ Is Kinda Overoverwhelming

Our Love For Jenna Raine’s ‘It Is What It Is’ Is Kinda Overoverwhelming

‘It Is What It Is’ by Jenna Raine. What a song. Wow, just wow.

In a world where everything revolves around music, comfort songs are always appreciated! There can never be too many! Time and time again, Jenna Raine has proved that she is a musical genius, and she has easily done it again with ‘It Is What It Is,’ the comforting song we didn’t know we needed. It’s cute, relatable, and one of the only things keeping us sane at the moment.

With Love On Tour ending, the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s version), One Direction’s 13th-anniversary passing, Zayn dropping a new single, the Barbie movie, Michael and Crystal having a baby girl, Mitch Rowland releasing solo music, the Away From Home Festival coming soon, the 5SOS song dice being a thing, the Eras Tour just existing, and so much more, we need more comfort songs.

Now is when we say thank you to Jenna!

Image credit: Caity Krone

Let us begin by saying that ‘It Is What It Is’ is more than simply a song; it’s an emotional yet fun ride in the form of music that everyone and anyone can relate to. Jenna has taken the small blips and mishaps that happen in our day-to-day lives and created a song that reminds us that everything will be okay! She has taken personal vulnerability and put an adorable twist on it in order to connect with people. Let’s be honest, that’s certainly not an easy thing to do!

My goal is to be a light in a troubled world. I want my music to make people feel less alone!

Jenna Raine on the inspiration behind her music.

The instrumentation, which includes an uplifting acoustic guitar and soft percussions, gives depth and complexity to the song. ‘It Is What It Is’ is a testament to Jenna’s musical and artistic growth and highlights her signature sound!

The song’s upbeat melody flawlessly complements the lyrics! Sonically, the track flows and progresses from acoustic verses to a more exciting and anthemic chorus! The bigger sound of the chorus almost enhances the message discussed in the lyrics and central ideas of the track! It’s clear to see that Jenna understands that the musicality of a song is just as important as the lyrics! We love to see a knowledgeable queen 🙂

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Do you want to know something just as exciting as the release of ‘It Is What It Is?’ You don’t have a choice because we are gonna tell you either way. We are getting a new EP! Yup, you read that right. Big Dumb Heart, Chapter 2, will be out on August 18th! Let’s all take a moment to freak out for a sec! It is said that ‘It Is What It Is’ perfectly represents and sets the stage for what is to come. We can’t get any more excited to spend our days doing nothing other than listening to every single song. It’s, like, the only important thing happening that day! The anticipation is actually killing us…August 18th is so far away 🥲😃😗🧚🏻‍♀️🌸

Now that we’ve rambled on about how brilliant ‘It Is What It Is’ is, we want to hear your thoughts! Tell us everything by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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