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A Colorful Thursday Night with Andrew McMahon

A Colorful Thursday Night with Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon played a colorful set at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale earlier this week, and it was the perfect way to spend our Thursday night, in our opinion.

Andrew McMahon is no stranger to the music industry. He has been a musician since the early 2000s with his band Something Corporate and other projects such as Jack’s Mannequin and the most recent, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. With music spanning twenty-two or so years, there is something for everyone in his catalog, which was seen clearly with the wide age variety of his audience.


Opening the show was Los Angeles-based alternative band Flor, who we are massive fans of. We also learned that their lead singer, Zach Grace, is a Florida native from Orlando. We also caught them when they opened for The Band CAMINO, and you can check out that article here. They put on their usual amazing show, and we were loving every minute!

image source: Marissa Rodriguez for The Honey POP
Image Source: Marissa Rodriguez for The Honey POP

A Powerful Entrance

Andrew starts the show in the crowd. Yes, you read that right: in the audience is where he starts performing. He starts singing ‘Nobody Tells You When You’re Young,’ a heartfelt song from his newest album Tilt At The Wind No More whose lyrics detail life lessons for young people. If you want to read our review of that album, you can check it out here. He then makes his way to the stage winding up his magical boombox, and it was a powerful way to acknowledge the relationship with the fans straight from the get-go. Following this song were ‘The Mixed Tape,’ ‘Stars,’ and ‘I Woke Up In A Car,’ the latter from Something Corporate.

Image Source: Marissa Rodriguez for The Honey POP

A Setlist for Everyone

The setlist alternates from older tracks to newer ones and back again. Another highlight from the show is during ‘La La Lie,’ where he brings a Llama pool floatie calling it the “La La Llama” and crowd surfing from it. Towards the end, a fan wanted him to perform ‘Konstantine,’ and he ended up pulling that fan on the stage and singing a chorus to him. We are sure this fan will never forget that moment. Andrew then ends the show with ‘Cecilia’ and the ‘Satellite,’ a classic that everyone knew.

If you need us, we will be re-living this night in our heads, wishing that someday we can get the chance to be pulled onstage and sung to! Ahh.

Check out the gallery from the show below!

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You can catch Andrew on his tour when he comes to a city near you; tickets are available here. Are there songs from any of his projects that you’d like to see performed on this tour or his one in the fall?

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