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Enjoying Somi-core Is Our Game Plan For The New Era!

Enjoying Somi-core Is Our Game Plan For The New Era!

Somi is the ultimate icon. Of course, she is known for creating iconic songs and her many talents. Lately, she’s been making some iconic moves. Recently, a legendary moment happened when real-life Barbie, Margot Robbie, met our very own K-POP Barbie Somi. Yep, we’re serious! Her iconic moves don’t stop there! Somi is set to release her upcoming EP titled Game Plan on August 7th!

Taking cues from Somi’s interview with the Barbie cast and the conversation surrounding what it means to enjoy Barbiecore through fashion favorites, our Game Plan is to take a look back on some of our favorite outfits, which we’ve affectionally dubbed somi-core, as we eagerly await the new era.

Proudly Purple in ‘DUMB DUMB’

Playing dumb would be an understatement if you claim purple isn’t Somi’s color. In the ‘Dumb Dumb’ music video, we see Somi proudly pose in her purple outfit. She’s embracing her inner child. This youthful look is a perfect blend of experimental glam. The textures are abundant, yet all harmonize effortlessly. And, let’s not forget that ‘Dumb Dumb’ marked an iconic era as this music video surpassed 10 million views in just 24 hours. So naturally, we can’t help but revel in these fabulous outfits.

‘XOXO’ Stage Sparkles

Transitioning to a bolder look, Somi showcases a mix of striking blacks, pinks, and multicolored ruffles that instantly captivate our attention. It’s a look you can’t look away from. It blends the boldness of street style with the flair of an Eras Tour outfit. You may be questioning how this works, but trust us, as this stage outfit for ‘XOXO’ is a prime example. This outfit looks very comfortable and brings a confident vibe. And the ruffle skirt? It gives the overall look a playful, youthful charm that complements the spirit of the song.

Sophisticated Somi

Somi’s incredible versatility shines through her outfits. Just look at her ‘Anymore’ performance. Rocking a stunning black dress with a square neckline, she adds a touch of edgy youth with fishnet tights and combat boots. The simplicity of the black dress enhances her effortless elegance, complementing her blonde hair, which perfectly complements the beauty of the song itself.

Everyday Outfits

We’re bringing back ‘XOXO’ because we adore Somi’s outfits from this era. She effortlessly nails the casual look here. It’s the perfect everyday outfit with a floral print top and ripped denim jeans. Plus, it’s simple and easy to recreate, so bonus points!

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Credits: Courtesy of JV AGENCY/ Public Consumption/ Shore Fire Media/Damoyee

With the recent news of the upcoming EP Game Plan, we’re excited to see the new era of style for Somi. Will it be theatrical, casual, bold, or will it be cute? There are so many questions running through our minds. Our official Game Plan is to look back on our favorite Somi fits to prepare us for a new era of Somi-core. What are some of our favorite Somi outfits? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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