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INTERVIEW: Kevitch Spills All Her Secrets On Love, Music, And Her New EP

INTERVIEW: Kevitch Spills All Her Secrets On Love, Music, And Her New EP

Have you been looking for smooth, dreamy lo-fi pop music to be the new soundtrack to your day, your night, and your life? Then boy, do we have a secret to share with you! The secret to the vibe of your life is Kevitch and her latest EP, Secrets.

‘Secrets’ is a six-track journey of enchantment through a musical wonderland. It’s whimsical and it’s beautiful; it’s melodic and peaceful. We’d even go as far as to say it’s perfection! How does she do it? We asked and found out everything we could about Kevitch, her career, and how she created a masterpiece!

I’m excited about this EP because it has a magical and hopeful feeling. I played with a few different genres in this project, incorporating R&B, pop, and lo-fi influences. This EP surrounds the evolution of a relationship when you first meet someone and the emotions that come with that. It then segues into the demise of that relationship and how we cope with those aftermath feelings.


Secrets (Official EP Trailer)

Before we dive into your current career, we’d love to know what inspired you to get your start in music.
I’ve always loved singing and creating. I laugh when I say I have 2 personalities, but the truth is music has always been where I pour my emotions into. The deeper side of me has always loved expressing through singing, rather than showing that side of me day to day to people. I’ve been singing and creating music since I was a kid so I think it was pretty innate.

Are there any artists you would credit as an influence on you and your music?
I love artists that create a world the listener can dive into and really feel like they’re immersed in the music and visuals. So I would definitely say artists like Lana Del Rey and Kali Uchis inspire me in that way. I also am inspired by female artists that are unique in their sound and not following the typical pop route. I love artists like Snoh Aalegra, Hope Tala, and Jorja Smith that really have created their own lane and uniqueness in their sound.

Bringing low-fi to more of a pop-forward world sounds tricky, but you beautifully blend both together to create such a unique sound. Can you tell us a little more about your creative process?
I’ve always been in love with the lofi world and the elements that come with that. I love how it creates the scene with ambiance sounds while being laid back and a bit imperfect. While on the other hand, I’ve always loved catchy hooks which come more with pop songs. I figured if we tried combining the lofi sounds and beats with a more catchy hook, we might be onto something, and I think we nailed it!

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You released your first single back in 2020. Do you feel that sound has changed since this initial release? If so, how?
I think I’ll always be creating what I feel in that moment and taking in different influences. I like how my songs can have different vibes but still have a consistent sound and feel. Some days I like the more lofi-pop vibes and some days I lean more toward r&b influences. So I wouldn’t say my sound has changed I just think I’m creating at the moment and not worrying about fitting in a certain box.

Your songs talk a lot about love and heartbreak. Do you draw from your own experiences when writing? Do you ever find it difficult to be that vulnerable with the world?
I’ve always liked that I’m more of a scene-setter than a singer-songwriter. What I mean by that is I might take a feeling or a situation and then just create a scene around that. Sometimes it could be me just manifesting something rather than it actually happening to me. Creating art is such a vulnerable thing that putting anything out in the world will always be scary to me. I’m definitely getting better at not being scared though!

With the name of your song ‘Don’t Let Go’ in mind, what is one bad habit you wish you could let go of?
I’m such a perfectionist, I wish I could be less hard on myself! I used to keep so many good songs hidden because I didn’t think they were good enough. I’ve definitely gotten better over the years just with time, experience, and confidence. I just think it’s the worst habit to have as a creator!

If you search for your music on Spotify, one word they use to describe your music is chill. How else might you describe your sound to new listeners?
Dreamy. Magical. Happy. Hopeful. I like how each song gives you a feeling of one of these while each being unique in its own way.

Is there any song, in particular, you’re most excited for listeners to hear? If so, which and why?
I love my latest track, ‘Sunshine.’ I think it’s a very happy and more fun vibe with a super unique sound. I’m so excited for people to hear it!

Is there any significance in ‘Secrets’ which made you decide to make that the title track?

I think this being my first project putting out in the world, the word Secrets described it perfectly. All these tracks are my little secrets I’m giving to my fans and allowing them to dive into my world. I think it was the perfect title.

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Following your release of Secrets, what can we look forward to coming up next?

I’m so excited to just keep putting out music and content for my fans while gaining new ones. Performing is definitely in the future which I’m super excited to start that phase and interact with people. I just am excited to keep creating and making people feel something!

You can click here to stream Secrets by Kevitch right now and experience the magic for yourself.

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