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Our Favorite Details From Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)!

Our Favorite Details From Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition)!

Jack In The Box changed how we enjoy music as we know it. We’ve been listening to this album from top to bottom since it was released last July, and now we’ve been blessed by j-hope’s artistry once again with a new HOPE Edition! This new edition teleports us back to the greatest performance ever, Hobipalooza, with three live tracks. We also got two additional instrumentals that really got us to admire the incredible production of this album. We’re so glad to be able to celebrate Hobi’s unique talent and live presence!

We are obsessed with this version’s live tracks, so we’ve decided to talk about our favorite details from Hobi’s masterpiece!

The Talented Band

Hobi worked extremely hard to make sure Hobipalooza was a success, and that includes practicing with a live band that brought his songs alive with a cooler aura on stage. Jack In The Box truly transformed on that Chicago stage, and we’re so thankful we can now listen to these live arrangements on repeat! We will never get over the amazing drums in ‘Equal Sign (Lollapalooza ver.)’ and the guitars in ‘STOP (Lollapalooza ver.),’ which add a rock vibe to the track! They’re just so good! 

The Loud Crowds From Hobipalooza

We’re still speechless with how Hobipalooza transformed the original festival into a giant j-hope-themed party. So many fans were dancing and shouting the lyrics back to Hobi during his set, and we’re so happy these cheers were captured in the live tracks. We’re now able to travel back in time to experience this iconic stage over and over again! If you excuse us, we will be playing these tracks and mentally teleporting to relive these performances 24/7!

Hobi’s Sweet Words During ‘Future (Lollapalooza ver.)’

Hobi is the biggest ray of sunshine ever. He always wants us to enjoy life to the fullest and to keep growing and moving forward, and this message was captured during Hobipalooza. ‘Future (Lollapalooza ver.)’ starts with him saying, “This next song is dedicated to all of our futures.” That intro hits us in the feels, and it truly makes us miss Hobi’s sweet and positive vibes. He also finishes the song by introducing the band and thanking Chicago, Lollapalooza, and ARMYs. We don’t know what we would do without him, and we’re counting down the days until we’re able to see him on stage again!

The Appreciation From The BTS Members

If there’s someone that supports BTS more than us, it’s BTS. The five members that haven’t enlisted yet have recorded some shorts for us while encouraging Hobi and showing us all the details of this HOPE Edition. We’ve been missing our favorite seven more than ever, and their support for one another will always make us the happiest. Our smile was the biggest while seeing all of their cute unboxings! We can’t wait until they’re reunited!

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Do you like the live tracks from Jack In The Box (HOPE Edition) as much as we do? Have you been celebrating j-hope with this release (and every day)? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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