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3 Reasons Why Knives Out Fans Should Read Suddenly A Murder By Lauren Muñoz

3 Reasons Why Knives Out Fans Should Read Suddenly A Murder By Lauren Muñoz

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Do you love reading murder mystery stories? Is Knives Out one of your favourite movies? Well, do we have the book for you! Suddenly a Murder by Lauren Muñoz is the perfect read for fans of the hit movie. From its shocking plot twists to all of the intriguing characters, this book will grab your attention and refuse to let go!

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Summary: Someone brought a knife to the party. To celebrate the end of high school, Izzy Morales joins her ride-or-die Kassidy and five friends on a 1920s–themed getaway at the glamorous Ashwood Manor. There, Izzy and her friends party in vintage dresses and expensive diamonds—until Kassidy’s boyfriend turns up dead. Murdered, investigators declare when they arrive at the scene, and now every party guest is a suspect. There’s the girlfriend, in love. The other girl, in despair. The old friend, forlorn. The new friend, distressed. The brooding enigma. And then, there’s Izzy—the girl who brought the knife. To find the killer, everyone must undergo a grueling interrogation, all while locked in an estate where, suddenly, the greatest luxury is innocence.

Content Warnings: murder, deportation, inappropriate relationships, death, mention of cancer

An Exciting Cast Of Characters

One of our favorite aspects of Knives Out was the wide variety of characters. The friend group in Suddenly a Murder reminded us of the Thrombey family in that they all come from different backgrounds. They each have their own ambitions, dreams, and even secrets. Throughout the course of the book, we get to discover more about each character and what their potential motives could be. They had us on the edge of our seats trying to figure out who the true murderer could be!

Shocking Plot Twists

In our opinion, the best part of a locked-room murder mystery is the twists! The plot of Suddenly a Murder kept us constantly on the edge of our seats. We couldn’t guess what would happen next and loved trying to piece together clues. You won’t be able to get enough of the thrill you’ll have from being surprised at every turn!

An Engaging Dual Timeline

Much like Knives Out, Suddenly a Murder bring us back in time to scenes that take place before the murder. We loved how this gave us a more in-depth look at the backstories of each character. It especially helped us connect with Izzy, our main character. Going back and forth between timelines created a fast-paced plot that we couldn’t stop reading!

A thrilling murder mystery story for fans of Knives Out and One of Us is Lying, you have to add Suddenly a Murder by Lauren Muñoz to your tbr!

Suddenly a Murder comes out on September 5th. Preorder your copy here!

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