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Our Fave Sam Fischer Singles That Make Us (After) Glow!

Our Fave Sam Fischer Singles That Make Us (After) Glow!

What do you get if you cross a no-skip discography, with a signature soul-filled pop rock vocal, haunting lyricism, Australian accent shimmer, Berklee College of Music mega skill, a host of musical besties, and over a billion streams? You get the criminally underrated star that is Sam Fischer.

Whether it’s with his own releases, or with his songwriting credits on songs by many of our fave artists like Louis Tomlinson and Elle King, Sam keeps moving and he’s not playing around. And he’s just proven that again, with his brand new single ‘Afterglow.’

Image Credit: Courtesy of RCA Records

In celebration of Sam’s brand new single, join us as we catch you up on some of our fave Sam Fischer singles that make us (after) glow!


 I wrote ‘Afterglow’ at a time when I felt totally burnt out on writing sessions, just creatively spent. It was a total Hail Mary song that started with me asking myself, ‘What would Chris Martin do,’ which I recommend for whenever you feel like you’re running on empty. It’s that euphoria you feel when everything clicks, that explosion of radical self-love, and you finally feel what you’ve been waiting for your whole life. I want the world to ‘let go’ of all the BS that keeps you down when they hear ‘Afterglow.’

Sam Fischer

She’s here! After an “out of this world” teaser dropped earlier this month, we have been waiting for this release! When Sam declared this single his “stadium banger,” not a single lie was told. ‘Afterglow’ is a euphoric crescendo of tingly warm emotion, exploding at its chorus. And it’s gonna be his tour opener? Honestly, say less. We have a firm belief that any song that starts with a whispered “1,2,3,4” drum count in, is gonna be a slay, and we were proved right.

Our immediate interpretation is that of a love story, with yourself or with someone else. Of wanting to know a person, or even yourself, wholeheartedly. Sam captures the euphoria with such brightness on ‘Afterglow.’ The percussion driven growing sound deliciously compliments the lyrical yearning to cast light on shadows and live in the warmth and clarity of the ‘Afterglow.’ We are so drawn to the poetry of this song and it’s composition. What a beautiful declaration of intrigue. If someone said that to us, let alone sang it with Sam’s warm deep vocal, not only would we glow, but we’d probably melt.

And yes we will be asking ourselves “What would Chris Martin do?” for ever more.

Stream Sam Fischer’s brand new single ‘Afterglow’ here, now!

‘This City’

“This city’s got me chasin’ stars, It’s been a couple months since I felt like I’m home.”

Sam Fischer first caught our attention in 2018 with his independent debut EP Not A Hobby, followed by the explosion of the lead track ‘This City’ on TikTok in 2020. The song’s success saw Sam sign with RCA Records; and the single was officially rereleased on his 3rd EP Homework shortly after. That enormous single saw Sam truly claim his rightful place in our hearts and playlists, In fact, he made a cup of tea and put his feet up, and he hasn’t left since.

‘This City’ so perfectly illustrates the conflicting feelings associated with change. Specifically, Sam’s relationship with the city of Los Angeles and his journey while there; seeking a sense of belonging and success in a place so full of buzz yet at the same time, challenges and loneliness. Sam has an innate ability to metamorphize the feelings we all experience, and ‘This City,’ both lyrically and vocally, drips that emotion from every pore. Its chorus now feels like home to us, as it sits in our “In Our Feelings” playlists, and its comfort makes us glow.

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‘Carry It Well’

Just because I carry it well, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy and I don’t need some help.

The song hurts, but it hurts good. We can relate to every single word Sam poured into this song, and we carry it with us. We’d even say this is probably one of the most relatable song we’ve heard in a long time; which goes back to Sam’s ability to perfectly convey feelings that he and so many of us often feel. While we may outwardly seem fine, and we show our glow, there’s darkness in between which we bury. Sam’s approach to songs that convey emotional and mental health are so near and dear to our hearts, because they are so unapologetically honest. Sam so beautifully conveys this often universal emotion and experience; and in doing so, connects with us with such precision. Thank you for the therapy that is ‘Carry It Well,’ Sam. Feeling seen through music makes us glow. It makes us cathartic cry too, but that doesn’t fit the article title…

Sam Fischer’s musical talent continues to blow us away, with a discography full of feeling, honesty, sad bops, and up tempo euphoria. ‘Afterglow’ continues Sam’s flawless song history and adds a power to his sound that feels so fresh, yet so Sam. We’re anticipating massive success for this song, and a deserved flourish to the career of this impeccable songwriter, singer and musician. Good things should happen to good people, and success should happen to rare talents like Sam Fischer. We’re ready to see those staggering one billion streams jump even higher, and The Honey POP will be here, ready to celebrate!

What Sam Fischer songs make you (after) glow? If the aliens in the UFO Sam was chasing in the ‘Afterglow’ music video, suddenly turned up at your door, what songs would you play them to turn them into little green Sam Fischer stans? Tell us it all, and come celebrate the ‘Afterglow’ release with us. You can tweet us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.


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